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A traditional store’s closing: Sears, Roebuck and Co


My friend, Dan Antion, had mentioned

Sears recently on his blog, saying his

local Sears store is closing. His drive 

to “the mall Sears” is not favorite

idea of a shopping trip. He also

connects to his own 2014 post

which includes Sears again.

Here is Dan’s “manly” recent post:

Escape to Sears

🕶 🤔 🚲 💪 🚗 🙁 🕶

I agree, Sears stores closing

makes me saddened and sorry.

Nostalgia and memories flow,

~ established in 1886 ~

We are lucky to have a local

Sears Hardware Store,

(Delaware, Ohio)

where lawn mowers,

bathroom fixtures,

🛁 🚿 🚽

appliances and gardening 

tools are readily available.

I like checking out holiday

* 🌷🐇 🐤 *  🎅  *  🤖 👻 🎃 *  🦃  *

and seasonal decorations there.

No yard to buy bird feeders or 

bird baths, although I like to get

manly, leather work gloves

as well as shoes for son.

👞👞   👟👟

Recently, I traveled three times

down to Sears located at the

Polaris Mall and Towne Centre.

First, to Sears Optical to see

Dr. Rochelle Wagner,

who is truly a great


👀 👁 👁 👀

Next, back to

choose eyeglasses,

meeting daughter for her advice.

A great price for two pairs of

selected frames, all are given

400 Ultraviolet protection,

adding $20 for polarized

brown-colored tint for a

fantastic price total = $127.00!

👓  🕶  👓

The third trip down was taking

oldest daughter for special

filmy undergarments, 

frilly nighty and hose 

getting ready for 

her nuptials.

👙 🛍  👗

(They are already over.)


~ 7/7/17 ~


We’ll travel back again,

Lara aged 13 now

and meet up with her

Aunt Felicia, to buy

“Back to School” clothes with

Land’s End brand name,

various teen clothing 

and cosmetic lines.

👛 👜  👗  👠👠

Mystery inspiration


Snow on weeds, 

Rusty Studebaker,

Historical license plates,

Burnt sienna colored fenders.

What do you think is inside 

on the threadbare seats?

What would be mystery 

behind the no longer 

loved and treasured 


“Among the Nothing” is a short story piece, M.J. Gale wrote on Phantom Rem blog.



This is a perfect example of using 

a photo or image and becoming