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Magenta pink hibiscus sends a Valentine’s message


Odes to flowers,

poems of love,

red and orange flames

of passion while the

deep, luxurious pink

of magenta deserves

adoration and warm regards.

The male stamen thrusts 

like a sword of passion and

romance while still staying 

“in touch with his feminine side.”


Thanks for reading my response

~ or ode to bright, cheery fuschia ~

Your thoughts are always 

appreciated, while your poetic

words add so much more. . .

Happy Valentine’s Day!

💖    🍥    🌸    🎶

Thursday’s Doors ~ December 22, 2016 (close up)


You may remember another shop

which was featured in the Fall.

It was a shop connected in this

grand brick building, separated 

by interior walls with several

places. The Choffey’s coffee

and tea shop with decadent

chocolates is on the left

of  this  florist shop.

It’s hard to capture,

showing how each

has its individual


This door in an 

older brick building

has fun with both formal 

and informal floral

holiday arrangements.

This is part of a series of doors,

with a link here to the founder,

Norm Frampton and his followers:


Thursday’s Doors~ View 2 of Chihuly umbrellas 


Son James takes his photo 

up close, while I view 

pagoda or an awning 

of beautiful glass 

colorful or in

golden amber.

The entrance 

appears as a

door to pass


to get 

into the


creative world 

displayed by

Dale Chihuly.

To view a variety of doors,

you should venture over to

Norm Frampton’s blog at:


Columbine’s delicate details



Gentle, delicate flower

named Columbine,

fares well through early

flowering season, holding

on to her petals while morning’s

rain poured down. The backdrop

of woods “bows out” of the picture,

allowing her the center of attention.

*** *** *** ***

photo taken in friend’s garden,

shared by Robin Cochran.

Columbine has more serious

and solemn story behind

the name, a school,

but today we are

grateful for grace.

Thursday’s Doors ~ Straight shot of charming German Village house



This Thursday’s Doors,

found within the neighborhood

of old and friendly German Village.

Quaintly decorated with flower pots.

The Columbus, Ohio area is such an

artsy, encouraging environment

for displaying unique and pretty

details outside the homes,

Wishing and wondering what is

to be found inside this door?

If you wish to guess or share

your own personal description

in the comments section,

please go ahead and do so.

Photo taken on cell phone and
simple description given
by blogger, reocochran.

The weekly program of Thursday’s
Doors, began from fellow blogger,
Norm Frampton. You may enjoy
checking out a variety of doors
found on his blog, links posted:

Hello Spring, Squirrel!



Squirrel has a red bud in his paws.

He held steady for his photo,

Looking curiously out at us,

Deciding we were safe and “tame.”


Original thoughts by Robin,
photo taken by Felicia,
my youngest daughter.

A “shout out” to my creative friend,

whose imaginary and real friends

include rainbow unicorn and squirrels.

He is Evil Squirrel.

Find his original cartoons,

photographs and music at:


Celebrating natural wonders

to all those squirrel lovers!