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Thursday’s Doors ~ Inside Hamburger Inn Diner, (behind the door)


“Diner Gals”

Why don’t you come out this morn?

Have you been ready to eat for awhile?
So much politeness will be rewarded.

The sweet breakfast items you order

will fill you up and keep you warm.

You’re such pals!

x o x o x o

This post is the inside of a

Thursday’s Doors location.

To see links and check out 

more doors go to this blog

which has a blogger friend,

Norm Frampton, who hosts our

weekly gathering of door enthusiasts!


Happy door observing and hunting! 


“Buffalo Gals” was written in 1844.

Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) had 

one of his main characters in 1876.

The slave character, Jim,

sang “Buffalo Gals” and you may

know it continues as,

“Won’t you come out tonight?”

Minstrel singers used to change 

the lyrics, for example, to

match audiences in Boston,


“Boston gals, won’t you 

come out tonight?”

Notes  by  reocochran,

as well as wordplays

in the above poem

were written for

the M & M gals.

๐Ÿ’•   ๐Ÿ’•

Thursday’s Doors ~ Hamburger Inn Diner, (front door)


Here is the front door and 

sidewalk patio for a local favorite.

It is the front view where 

I had to edit out the street parking.

What do you think of this first shot?

Would you like to take a spin 

on those diner stools? 

Head on over to the

other full view of

Downtown Delaware, Ohio.

Then, check out a silly poem

with two patient and sweet

granddaughters, M & M girls.

They would be happy to show

you how to spin without flying off!

If he were here visiting, 

Norm Frampton 

would welcome you to his

weekly collection, links to other

diverse, interesting, historical doors.

Here’s Norm’s blog:


Hope you enjoy this trio of door posts,

where one is actually an inside shot,

another is a plate full of my breakfast!

Different angle of Thursday’s Door



I have ordered a fresh tasting

General Tso’s Chinese dish here.

My oldest daughter and her sons

ordered sushi rolls and

Thai noodles with vegetables.

We all like Crab Rangoon

and light Spring rolls.

Norm Frampton is our doors’

central location on his blog.

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Norm’s own doors this week at:


Thank you for stopping by.

What is your favorite restaurant or

type of food you prefer to order?

Thursday’s Doors ~ Downtown reflections



Typhoon Restaurant door is

located to the right at

10 South Sandusky Street.

Above the restaurant is a downtown

“Loft” or large one-floor plan apartment,

their address is 10 1/2. This was

taken on a bright, sunny Saturday

Farmer’s Market morning.

~ ~ ~

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on the Thursday’s Doors founder,

Norm Frampton’s blog:


~ ~ ~

Antique store across the street,

as well as restaurants are reflected

upon the front window and door.

It will continue for only a few

more short weeks until

Autumn’s cooler weather prevails.

Do share about your local markets

or favorite places to get fresh produce,

homemade baked goods, sunflowers

and soon~ gourds, pumpkins. . .

Cinnamon buns, new vase and deep thoughts



My friend, librarian and potter,

Marty, who has been a fun

friendly hiker, arts fest

companion and had

her sales table set

up by one of the

lovely antique stores at

Saturday’s farmer’s market.

Oldest daughter purchased

a bunch of carrots, fresh lettuce,

flowers for her table, and Bing cherries

for little 7 year old, Micah, to nibble on.

With coffee in hand, bought at the

Home Slices coffee shop and bakery,

I talked with the political man who

was selling buttons for Presidential

candidates. I told him of my collection.

He told me about his favorite button.

It was a special one. I wished I had

program from his past favorite

candidate’s participation in a

Cleveland convention, which

I had attended.

This had so many famous singers,

actors, actresses and personalities

that I felt was more meaningful or

exciting than any kind of concert,

I attended, before or since then.

He told me of the man who had

influenced him ever since,

how he sat in our local diner,

The Hamburger Inn,

shooting the breeze way

back then. He helped

me to choose which

button would join

my shorter, smaller

collection as he filled

me in on so many others

he had met as the county

historian, OWU professor

and political analyst.

Do you collect something

near and dear to your heart?

My collections changed as I

aged and space became limited.

My “tiny trinkets” black case was

featured on one Thursday’s Doors.

My political buttons are kept

in a fabric covered box.


This wandering, pondering post

was written awhile back, am

posting sometime in the

future. Grandson, Micah,

and I contemplated

about nice fathers

who “go beyond

the norm,” as

I described my

father and Micah

mentioned my two

brothers, who are more

than Great Uncles to him.

We talked of my son, Jamie,

who can sometimes lose his

temper at the Brady Bunch

living under his roof, as well

as helping with my oldest

daughter’s two sons,

Micah and Skyler,

taking them on

nature walks,

splashing them and

swimming in the pool.

Micah said he felt his

Uncle Jamie is,

“An awesome Daddy and

Uncle” who he admitted he

would like to grow up and be

like when he becomes a Dad.

We didn’t speak of fathers who

“don’t show up” nor never

join him when he misses him.

Micah and I had quite a serious

discussion over cinnamon buns,

while he drank milk and I sipped

my morning’s second cup of coffee.

My friend from France wrote

recent post about “The Potter ”

which you will enjoy,

along with countryside,

meaning behind roses

found at the end of rows

of grape vines in vineyards.

Please say hello, perhaps

even say, “Robin sent me,”

to Veronica at:


Two cupcakes



* ~ Ode to Cupcakes ~ *

Quite a pair,

Diversity in origins,

One from here, one from over there.

Brown paper wrapping with swirls,

As I bring the box home,

careful not to tear.

The right one’s red velvet underneath,

with just a hint of “devil may care.”

German origin of other I like ~

Slowly unwrapping it,ย  if I dare.

Left one has lumpy, tan frosting,

Some dislike coconut, I need not share.

The cream cheese sprinkled kind,

Coming from “who knows where?”

No matter how they differ,

Always find I care. . .

to consume them completely,

Even the crumbs upon the chair!

~~ * ~~ย ย ย ย  ~~ * ~~

Robin’s original “ode” or poem
to cupcakes she purchased
at a new local bake shop
and cafe downtown.

Home Slices Bakery and Cafe,
2 North Sandusky Street
Delaware, Ohio 43015

Red velvet cake comes from WWII
period when beetroot was used
as coloring for the cake. It is
usually a layer cake with
either “roux” or cream
cheese frosting.

Wish my
“Ode to Cupcakes”
sounded like
the following
ode to a tree.

By Joyce Kilmer

I think that I shall never see

A poem as lovely as a tree.

A tree whose hungry mouth is prest,

Against the earth’s sweet flowing


~~   skip a verse   ~~ 

A tree that may in summer wear

A nest of robin’s in her hair.

~~   skip a verse   ~~

Poems are made by fools like me,

But only God can make a tree.

Alfred Joyce Kilmer was an

American poet

who lived from

December 6, 1886

until his untimely death

barely 31 years old,

leaving spouse, Aline, behind,

July 30, 1918.