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Thursday’s Doors ~ welcoming atmosphere, part 3


There’s two doors,

A double door post!

I liked the book box, it was already

featuring a great book, if I had “posed”

the setting the book you’ll see in front 

would have been put in the bookcase.

There’s pink and mint chairs over

there and beside the box, a mint

green chair ready to sit on,

once the visitor chooses

a book to read and savor.

Please check out the

other door posts!

You may leave 

one message,

if you wish!

Here’s the Man,

Norm Frampton, our doors 

Leader. Hope you enjoy 

exploring other doors,

there’s links here:


Thanks for stopping by!


Thursday’s Doors ~ July in the ‘burbs


Approaching this house from the

north, walking on the sidewalk

I give an inaudible “sigh!” and

happy smile to the runner as

she passes! This will be one 

of my featured homes

from the suburbs of

Cleveland, Ohio.

Here’s someone

who often shows

an example of

doors which take

my breath away,

Norm Frampton:


Norm will have blue frog links

to other people’s door choices.

Have a lovely rest of your 

week.  I hope your

weekend  leads  you

along pretty garden paths.

🍀 💮 🌸 🏵 🌼 💮 🍀 

Thursday’s Doors ~ July in the ‘burbs


For my friends who like to see

cozy homes and cottages,

I hope this one is appealing!

This is the close up view

of a white house with 

lavender shutters.

Please check out the variety

of other Thursday doors found

on Norm Frampton’s blog!


Thursday’s Doors ~ post Halloween skeletons


The side porch,

The green awning,

Trellis archway, 

Plants gone haywire,

Creamy white gingerbread trim,

Oh, so much interesting to see!

Thursday’s Doors program led

by Norm Frampton, may be found at:


Any details I left out, history,

connections or nostalgic memories

are welcomed & included in comments!