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Silly rocking chair chant


The OWU campus student union

has eight rocking chairs. Someday,

when Hendrix is bigger we shall 

have to take a picture of me,

Nana, with all 7 grandies.

Until then, we take many

“Flashlight hikes,” 

exploring college campus.

I let them shout for joy,

here in this photo.

We never have been 

told to leave the premises.

Here’s a silly poem,

ditty or chant.

It goes loosely

to the tune of

“Rock around the Clock.”

(Thanks to “Happy Days” reruns

nearly everyone knows this tune.)


🎶 “Rock around the campus” 🎶

by Robin O. Cochran

“One o’clock, two o’clock. . .

it is nearly ten o’clock!

Rock around the campus,

Rock all night long,

Rock all day strong,

Rock and roll music streaming

from open college dorm windows.

Ten o’clock, eleven o’clock. . .

we can go past midnight!

Rock all night till

the morning’s light,

Rock all eve 

till Nana’s asleep!

Rocking with our thoughts,

Rocking chairs soothe babies.

Rocking chairs tire children.

Rocking eases and calms my nerves!”

x o x o

“These rocking chairs are cool and 

relaxing, preparing us for Dreamland.

There was something transcendent

going on while rocking on the

porch or what I tend to think

of as a “veranda,” due to

its southern hospitality.

No one wanted to leave.

Someone always wants to:

Get up and go,
Keep on rolling!
One sighing child
replies quietly

when I ask,

“Are we ready to go now?”

“Not yet, Nana.

Let’s stay a little longer.”

. . . . .

I’m all for those lingering moments.
. . . . .


Thursday’s Doors ~ the Student Union “verandah”


This stonework is similar to the

Gray Chapel and other 

Ohio Wesleyan University buildings.

This is where my grandies and I 

have eaten snacks, taken our

Flashlight hikes to, enjoying

sitting and rocking while 

we talk about so many

odds and ends.

This door is one which

sends light into the evening.

We enjoy this destination place.

This is the front door, but a few

different posts to give this 

building its “due.”

Look for other unique and

diverse choices of doors on our

Thursday’s Door’s leader 

Norm Frampton at:


It’s almost the weekend!

Hip hip hooray!

Colorful umbrellas at Conservatory


Pink tulips,

Yellow tulips,

Purple hyacinths,

Marley and Landen,

Purple, yellow, pastel

colored umbrellas.

Hands across the water,

fingers wishing to dabble

while Nana takes pictures

children’s Mom Trista says,

“We all just washed our hands

and are taking elevator to the 

main floor and heading out 

to eat at a restaurant.”

Kid’s other parent says typical

Dad’s funny thing,

“For crying out loud!” 

As I have to laugh, 

since my Dad used 

to say exact same thing to 

my two brothers and me! 

Photo and words sharing 

family event with you!

Happy Spring!

Christmas in a unique setting 


Central Ohio’s Renaissance festival

includes so many aspects of history,

pirates, Vikings, lords and ladies.

The dramatic Robin Hood play

asked for volunteers to portray

Little John, who is rather bulky.

Landen screamed and yelled,

(age 11) and was chosen to

“gear up” with a pillow

padding to carry a 

hefty sword and

receive guffaws


Here are from 

Left to Right:

Lara, Skyler and Micah,

with Jolly St. Nicholas!

This was taken close to

Halloween, 2016

where Skyler

was an eerie

Joker with

green hair!

Looks festive to me!

Donuts for breakfast


My Mom as just Grammie O.

once fed my own three youngsters

What they will forever call

“Pudding Pops.”

Jell-O made pudding into popsicles.

Mom rationalized that there was 

milk in them!

Now, as Nana, I take my grandies 

sometimes to Bob Evans, 

Burger King (bacon, egg and

cheese croissan’wiches 

are the “bomb!”

I made pancakes and whole

wheat French Toast for 

several occasions as well as

those various sugary cereals 

But their favorite “breakfast”

or so they claim is: Tim Horton’s.

I am a big fan of independent

coffee shops but they can’t compete

with the way my grandies love Tim H’s.

So, is it perhaps sitting on tall stools?

Maybe the ability to pick two donuts

or have ten timbits plus white

or chocolate milk?

I get a variety of things, soup 

grilled bagels, sandwiches

or wraps, tried a Canadian

maple donut, like sour cream

glazed and crueller’s the best.

I order regular iced coffee,

caramel flavoring, cream 

and sweetener packages.

Well, this is not very

interesting but the 

photograph is clear,

no intent to promote

franchises or chain

donut and coffee shops.

Where do you head when on

the road for breakfast?

There’s the cute little end



Yay, this may be as busy as my

Christmas season posts,

Full of decorating and

pretty features to enjoy.

Happy day’s end, to

Baby Hendrix who

sat down and took

off his baggy blue

britches, revealing as I

had noted, his mustache

decorated cloth diaper cover!

Do not feel obligated to comment

over all family celebratory posts.

xoxo xoxoxo

Thanks for sharing in what may

be last of family addition’s

1st birthday party!