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Puzzles, part 2


Marley and Makyah,

my M & M grandies,

love wearing summer clothes,

despite outside freezing temperatures!

We chose one of ten puzzles left in

collection of brightly colored choices.

This one was seashells!

My first puzzle was built

of 150 pieces in only two hours

with current guy friend who bought

the multiple puzzles box for me

to share with grandchildren.

It was a bunch of kayaks! 

The second one was constructed

with my grandson, Micah of

an Italian narrow canal.

My friends who suggested

here from blogging community

the activity is like taking an

“escape vacation.” 

Their shared memories of doing 

this pastime with family in

childhood looked like fun.

I may have inspired some to

purchase a puzzle or engage

in another long forgotten activity.

Hope you are having a lovely season,

no matter which one ~  

please share how you like

to pass the time away!

What’s on your breakfast plate?


Comfort food,

eggs over medium,

sliced potatoes, onions and

good ol’ American cheese!

I stole a piece of bacon

from each girl.

Hamburger Inn,

16 North Sandusky Street,

Delaware, Ohio


The M & M girls ordered

sweeter breakfast items,

Texas French toast

and the other chose

a stack of four pancakes. 

Both added sides of bacon.

What is one of your favorite

breakfast choices?

Do you like 



Thursday’s Doors ~ Inside Hamburger Inn Diner, (behind the door)


“Diner Gals”

Why don’t you come out this morn?

Have you been ready to eat for awhile?
So much politeness will be rewarded.

The sweet breakfast items you order

will fill you up and keep you warm.

You’re such pals!

x o x o x o

This post is the inside of a

Thursday’s Doors location.

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Norm Frampton, who hosts our

weekly gathering of door enthusiasts!


Happy door observing and hunting! 


“Buffalo Gals” was written in 1844.

Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) had 

one of his main characters in 1876.

The slave character, Jim,

sang “Buffalo Gals” and you may

know it continues as,

“Won’t you come out tonight?”

Minstrel singers used to change 

the lyrics, for example, to

match audiences in Boston,


“Boston gals, won’t you 

come out tonight?”

Notes  by  reocochran,

as well as wordplays

in the above poem

were written for

the M & M gals.

💕   💕

Thursday’s Doors ~ Creative Foundations (standing sideways to door), # 2 view 


Here’s my two patient


Bribed with a lollipop each,

allowing side trips on circular walk,

from my downtown Delaware, Ohio

apartment getting fresh air,

cash from bank and candy,

stopping to check out 

all the sights.

This sign says,

“Our Town



Below it 

are standing 2 sweet 

Delaware, Ohio- -born girls.

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Welcome and enjoy!

Christmas in a unique setting 


Central Ohio’s Renaissance festival

includes so many aspects of history,

pirates, Vikings, lords and ladies.

The dramatic Robin Hood play

asked for volunteers to portray

Little John, who is rather bulky.

Landen screamed and yelled,

(age 11) and was chosen to

“gear up” with a pillow

padding to carry a 

hefty sword and

receive guffaws


Here are from 

Left to Right:

Lara, Skyler and Micah,

with Jolly St. Nicholas!

This was taken close to

Halloween, 2016

where Skyler

was an eerie

Joker with

green hair!

Looks festive to me!

Looking through trellis shadows


More sights to see. . .

on our night hike along

the alley leading to the

church school playground.
Shadows, silhouette of shapes

to surprise and create suspense

as we walk down the alley,

flashlights in our hands. 

The snap of a twig 

may send us up,

being excited,

yet a bit 



🙂  ❤ 😉

Thursday’s Doors~ M &M girls under glass


They were getting tired, 

ready to have snack or meal.

In same large room as pagoda

structure, down the path to

a boulder-bordered wall

where another Chihuly

glass extravaganza appears.

Marley and Makyah are my

son’s girls, as well as his

stepdaughter, Lara.

This is how rugged

edge of wall under

rocky tunnel looks like

 from the underbelly side.

While the M & M girls

traipsed, like two

 billy goats did,

not clip clopping,

more like dragging feet.

As if waiting for the troll

 to come out, surprise +

scare them away.

The umbrellas

combined into

a sea of beauty

from underneath it.

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