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Silly rocking chair chant


The OWU campus student union

has eight rocking chairs. Someday,

when Hendrix is bigger we shall 

have to take a picture of me,

Nana, with all 7 grandies.

Until then, we take many

“Flashlight hikes,” 

exploring college campus.

I let them shout for joy,

here in this photo.

We never have been 

told to leave the premises.

Here’s a silly poem,

ditty or chant.

It goes loosely

to the tune of

“Rock around the Clock.”

(Thanks to “Happy Days” reruns

nearly everyone knows this tune.)


🎢 “Rock around the campus” 🎢

by Robin O. Cochran

“One o’clock, two o’clock. . .

it is nearly ten o’clock!

Rock around the campus,

Rock all night long,

Rock all day strong,

Rock and roll music streaming

from open college dorm windows.

Ten o’clock, eleven o’clock. . .

we can go past midnight!

Rock all night till

the morning’s light,

Rock all eve 

till Nana’s asleep!

Rocking with our thoughts,

Rocking chairs soothe babies.

Rocking chairs tire children.

Rocking eases and calms my nerves!”

x o x o

“These rocking chairs are cool and 

relaxing, preparing us for Dreamland.

There was something transcendent

going on while rocking on the

porch or what I tend to think

of as a “veranda,” due to

its southern hospitality.

No one wanted to leave.

Someone always wants to:

Get up and go,
Keep on rolling!
One sighing child
replies quietly

when I ask,

“Are we ready to go now?”

“Not yet, Nana.

Let’s stay a little longer.”

. . . . .

I’m all for those lingering moments.
. . . . .


Colorful umbrellas at Conservatory


Pink tulips,

Yellow tulips,

Purple hyacinths,

Marley and Landen,

Purple, yellow, pastel

colored umbrellas.

Hands across the water,

fingers wishing to dabble

while Nana takes pictures

children’s Mom Trista says,

“We all just washed our hands

and are taking elevator to the 

main floor and heading out 

to eat at a restaurant.”

Kid’s other parent says typical

Dad’s funny thing,

“For crying out loud!” 

As I have to laugh, 

since my Dad used 

to say exact same thing to 

my two brothers and me! 

Photo and words sharing 

family event with you!

Happy Spring!

Inside the Strand Theatre, in conjunction with Thursday’s DoorsΒ 


“Who’s the Boss?”

written with glee by 

Robin O. Cochran

Two grinning girls,

Two skeptical boys,

All in agreement, in unison,

Requesting Nana to 

“Please take our picture!”

The boys chose to pose with no 

prompting from the photographer.

They had some people smiling as

Nana explained, “Last week, other

little girls wore princess gowns 

and crowns, as we watched them get

their pictures taken after movie,

“Beauty and the Beast.”

The girl grandies (M & M’s)

had complained, “Why didn’t 

you tell us to dress up?!”

I pleaded “not guilty” and almost

became “unpopular,” but said,

“Next week, we’ll get a picture of

you kids with the Boss Baby.”

 πŸ˜€   πŸ’–  πŸ˜€

Norm, we were heading towards

the door, as we took this silly

and spontaneous picture.

We found a door, since

The Strand Theatre 

front door has been

perfectly captured


If you would like 

to see more doors please follow

The Boss of our Thursday’s Doors:


Hope this nonsensical

 “non-door” post

Got you to 



or Laugh!

Puzzles, part 2


Marley and Makyah,

my M & M grandies,

love wearing summer clothes,

despite outside freezing temperatures!

We chose one of ten puzzles left in

collection of brightly colored choices.

This one was seashells!

My first puzzle was built

of 150 pieces in only two hours

with current guy friend who bought

the multiple puzzles box for me

to share with grandchildren.

It was a bunch of kayaks! 

The second one was constructed

with my grandson, Micah of

an Italian narrow canal.

My friends who suggested

here from blogging community

the activity is like taking an

“escape vacation.” 

Their shared memories of doing 

this pastime with family in

childhood looked like fun.

I may have inspired some to

purchase a puzzle or engage

in another long forgotten activity.

Hope you are having a lovely season,

no matter which one ~  

please share how you like

to pass the time away!

What’s on your breakfast plate?


Comfort food,

eggs over medium,

sliced potatoes, onions and

good ol’ American cheese!

I stole a piece of bacon

from each girl.

Hamburger Inn,

16 North Sandusky Street,

Delaware, Ohio


The M & M girls ordered

sweeter breakfast items,

Texas French toast

and the other chose

a stack of four pancakes. 

Both added sides of bacon.

What is one of your favorite

breakfast choices?

Do you like 



Thursday’s Doors ~ Inside Hamburger Inn Diner, (behind the door)


“Diner Gals”

Why don’t you come out this morn?

Have you been ready to eat for awhile?
So much politeness will be rewarded.

The sweet breakfast items you order

will fill you up and keep you warm.

You’re such pals!

x o x o x o

This post is the inside of a

Thursday’s Doors location.

To see links and check out 

more doors go to this blog

which has a blogger friend,

Norm Frampton, who hosts our

weekly gathering of door enthusiasts!


Happy door observing and hunting! 


“Buffalo Gals” was written in 1844.

Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) had 

one of his main characters in 1876.

The slave character, Jim,

sang “Buffalo Gals” and you may

know it continues as,

“Won’t you come out tonight?”

Minstrel singers used to change 

the lyrics, for example, to

match audiences in Boston,


“Boston gals, won’t you 

come out tonight?”

Notes  by  reocochran,

as well as wordplays

in the above poem

were written for

the M & M gals.

πŸ’•   πŸ’•