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Happy Bunny Day: Love somebunny today!


This goes out to people who 

are of any or no faith, 

sending hugs and 

jelly bean kisses

to all and hope

you have fun!

Go ahead hop on

over to your




house with a 

floral bouquet or

a basket of candy!

🌈  ❤  💐

Spring and Easter message:

“One touch of nature makes

the whole world kin.”

~ William Shakespeare,

English playwright

and Dramatist,

(1564 – 1616)

Springtime arrangement



Youngest daughter brought me

an Easter or Springtime floral

arrangement. My little Micah

ran around the apartment and

found brown and white bunnies,

glitter Easter eggs with sheer

loops of green and yellow.

We agreed would be okay

to leave burgundy runner.

I am heading to Mom’s

on Good Friday,

hope you





~~ ** ~~

Photo by Robin
of her table.

Arranged by

gift from

May you
have a

An apple parable


First of all, this was a blessing to me.

My church newsletter, “The Spire,”
included this story in its lavender
March pamphlet.

I don’t have a photograph of
two apples for this tale.

Perceptions or assumptions
will disappoint you, I think.

“Food for Thought”

“A little girl was holding two
apples, one in each hand.

Her mother came in and softly
asked her daughter to give her
one of the two apples.

The girl looked up to her Mum,
for some reason for several
seconds, then she suddenly
took a quick bite of one apple
and then quickly out of the other.

The mother felt the smile on her
face freeze. She tried hard not
to reveal her disappointment.

Then the little girl handed one of
the bitten apples to her mother
and then said,

“Here you are, Mommy.
This is the sweetest one.”

I hesitate to keep on quoting, but did
like this summary of the parable:

“No matter who you are,
delay judgment.

Give others the privilege
or opportunity
to explain themselves.

What you see may not be the reality,
which is why we should never only
focus on the surface and judge others
without understanding them first.”

Sharing this, along with
this beam of light.

A rainbow or my label,


along with hopes
for a very
to you
and yours!

~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~


~ ** ~

photograph by
Robin Cochran,
parable from
3/2016 church

~ ** ~

My son and daughter in law’s informal Easter photo



One happy spring day,

The children were taken to

Anthony Thomas candy factory.

Delicious chocolate aroma wafted

with melting waves of resistance.

The baby, Hendrix, looked at his Daddy

wondering, “Who is in charge of this

heavenly smell?”

He stuck his fingers in his mouth.

You may not know why Hendrix looks

to his father, when there are scents.

It is because he works as a cook,

both in a restaurant and in his home.

The storyteller, Nana, has seen his

sweet baby face pressed into

his Daddy’s clothes.

The M & M girls liked the way

chocolate drippped over clean,

plump strawberries.

The older siblings were thrilled to be

promised Buckeye candies, milk

chocolate surrounding peanut butter.

All were surprised at the “lifelike”

appearance of the Bunny.

One of them declared,

“This is the real
Easter Bunny!”

This Bunny didn’t wear a brightly

colored vest and bow nor a Navy

blue waistcoat with a red bowtie

and gold pocket watch.

This Bunny seemed serious like he may

have important egg-dyeing tasks and

maybe basket-weaving work to be done.

As Hendrix studied the odd large,

silent Bunny, his face started to

pucker up. Hurriedly, Mommy and

Daddy not wishing to have a

crying baby in another

holiday photograph~

Both took their


• °. • °. • °. • °. •

If you celebrate


shout and sing!

If you savor the taste

of rich chocolate~

enjoy some candy.

If you rejoice in

the meaning of


wake up

your inner Spirit!

= = = = = = = =

Photo taken by parents
of my grandchildren.

Scrumptious “tour” of
home base of famous
candy factory written
by Robin O. Cochran.

Oh, oh!
There goes
Peter Cottontail! : ^ : ^ . . . .