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Magenta pink hibiscus sends a Valentine’s message


Odes to flowers,

poems of love,

red and orange flames

of passion while the

deep, luxurious pink

of magenta deserves

adoration and warm regards.

The male stamen thrusts 

like a sword of passion and

romance while still staying 

“in touch with his feminine side.”


Thanks for reading my response

~ or ode to bright, cheery fuschia ~

Your thoughts are always 

appreciated, while your poetic

words add so much more. . .

Happy Valentine’s Day!

💖    🍥    🌸    🎶

Follow up to the doors: film reveal!



The most exciting film,

Steven Spielberg produced

and directed, to my three grown

children and to a multitude of people

would be the movie,

“E.T. the Extraterrestrial.”

Little Drew Barrymore,

the big brother actor

and the one whose heart

and mind connected completely

without much fear or trepidation,


was portrayed by Henry Thomas.

Thanks for looking at my local

Strand Theatre’s

Century of existence!

Located on West Winter Street,

Delaware, Ohio.