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Thursday’s Doors ~ “details,” 4


Different roofing since original,

I am imagining and daydreaming.

Different grassy space overgrown

and covering instead of showing

stones or dirt path around barn.

The stone blocks and

wooden lathing look like the

original barn where  

the two double door sets,

as well as two single doors,

(other full length barn photo) 

look like they were made to serve 

utilitarian purpose in milling and

farming community located in

Delaware, Ohio. 

~ Stratford on the Whetstone ~

Thanks for sticking by me,

as I tried to march through the

dense grass where I feared ticks

or other bugs would burrow 

above my sock lines.

I could smell a marshy, loamy

peaty or earthy aroma, some mud

clumped onto the grid of the

soles of my tennis shoes.

This end of the barn especially

seemed to display its age, 

along with the owner’s

respect for its history.

Whitewashed barn siding

and newer styled green roof.

I liked green paint around 

windows and over boards.

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Thursday’s Doors ~ May 4, 2017, The Worly building


Front Street Funk,

storefront window declares.

#503 looks “Cool, mon.”

The Worly just looks like a 

“Happening place!”

This has distinction and

elements of modern and past, too.

Looks like a party is about to happen!

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Funk music came about in 

the 1960’s and is attributed

to African-American roots.

I like Bruno Mars and his friends,

including Pharrell Williams’song,

“Uptown Funk.”

The building was built in 1880,

Renovated in 1995,

for businesses to lease.

50,000 square feet located 

in the Brewery District

of German Village.

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and “party atmosphere,”

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Hoy es Quatro de Mayo!

Thursday’s Doors ~ Inside the Strand Theatre


This door is found next to fireplace 

in the front room of the 

Delaware, Ohio

Strand Theatre.

The door seems like it 

has an older “feel”to it, 

possibly has been here 

since the opening of the

original company, 

New York Cash.

When the business went “under,”

the building was purchased by 

the Schine family. They were ones

who decided to open cinema,

The Strand Theatre on

April 10, 1916.

It has the same marquee,

although the ticket sales booth

moved indoors and renovations 

were fully completed in 2002.

The theatre was given funding 

by Ohio Arts Council, was also

noted as “historical landmark”

status with the label, “non-profit”

all the details completed to make

this a destination location!

Does anyone have any ideas 

about this dark blue door?

What its purpose, original use and 

current possibilities could be . . .

Hello to our Thursday’s Doors

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I have another interior photograph

with four happy grandies who

laughed  very  loudly  and  used

excited voices during the children’s

animated movie, “Boss Baby.”

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Have a fantastic weekend!

Thursday’s Doors ~ Hamburger Inn Diner, (full view)


This is a popular local diner,

Hamburger Inn Diner.

Located at 

16 North Sandusky Street

Delaware, Ohio  43015.

Established in 1932,

Open all night on Friday and Saturday!

A favorite place for college students,

Local “townies” who meet their 

friends and family members.

When I arrived in this

small town, I had read a

Grumpy Gourmet review,

where he recommended the 

sliced home fries, topped with

fried onions and American cheese.

He added the homemade maple rolls

freshly baked will melt in your mouth.

Black Angus hamburgers with freshly

handcut fries are delicious.

You may like a slice of 

homemade pies or a

tasty ice cream milk shake.

It is worth the wait!

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Hope you will find your own place

that serves up delicious food with

a sense of hometown pride.

Many come from afar, so 

if you get a “hankering”

for this 85 year old

diner fare,

Let me know~

I’ll meet you there!

Thursday’s Doors ~ Hamburger Inn Diner, (front door)


Here is the front door and 

sidewalk patio for a local favorite.

It is the front view where 

I had to edit out the street parking.

What do you think of this first shot?

Would you like to take a spin 

on those diner stools? 

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Downtown Delaware, Ohio.

Then, check out a silly poem

with two patient and sweet

granddaughters, M & M girls.

They would be happy to show

you how to spin without flying off!

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Hope you enjoy this trio of door posts,

where one is actually an inside shot,

another is a plate full of my breakfast!

Thursday’s Doors ~ Close-up of German Village door



Second view of the door

found along a walk with my

youngest daughter who lives

in German Village, a section

or neighborhood found on

the southeast part of Columbus.

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Thursday’s Doors ~ German Village house



Another example of using tight spaces,

fitting in so many unique and homey

qualifications. German Village in

Columbus, Ohio has so many

on each street, turn a corner

and I annoyed my youngest

daughter, Felicia, stopping

as we strolled. Each one

was unique, no copy cats

nor “boring” houses.

We both exclaimed

at care shown in

their upkeep.

Instead of my pointing

out what I liked, please

feel free to point out

anything that captured

your interest please.

Norm Frampton began this

weekly program which has many

addicted to checking out doors

of many kinds and dimensions.

Here is a link to Norm’s blog:


Enjoy and join us if you would like!