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Thursday’s Doors ~ Hamburger Inn Diner, (full view)


This is a popular local diner,

Hamburger Inn Diner.

Located at 

16 North Sandusky Street

Delaware, Ohio  43015.

Established in 1932,

Open all night on Friday and Saturday!

A favorite place for college students,

Local “townies” who meet their 

friends and family members.

When I arrived in this

small town, I had read a

Grumpy Gourmet review,

where he recommended the 

sliced home fries, topped with

fried onions and American cheese.

He added the homemade maple rolls

freshly baked will melt in your mouth.

Black Angus hamburgers with freshly

handcut fries are delicious.

You may like a slice of 

homemade pies or a

tasty ice cream milk shake.

It is worth the wait!

Please stop by this blog, written

by a leader in his own door pursuits:

Norm Frampton’s 

Thursday’s Doors.


Hope you will find your own place

that serves up delicious food with

a sense of hometown pride.

Many come from afar, so 

if you get a “hankering”

for this 85 year old

diner fare,

Let me know~

I’ll meet you there!

Thursday’s Doors ~ Hamburger Inn Diner, (front door)


Here is the front door and 

sidewalk patio for a local favorite.

It is the front view where 

I had to edit out the street parking.

What do you think of this first shot?

Would you like to take a spin 

on those diner stools? 

Head on over to the

other full view of

Downtown Delaware, Ohio.

Then, check out a silly poem

with two patient and sweet

granddaughters, M & M girls.

They would be happy to show

you how to spin without flying off!

If he were here visiting, 

Norm Frampton 

would welcome you to his

weekly collection, links to other

diverse, interesting, historical doors.

Here’s Norm’s blog:


Hope you enjoy this trio of door posts,

where one is actually an inside shot,

another is a plate full of my breakfast!

Thursday’s Doors ~ Close-up of German Village door



Second view of the door

found along a walk with my

youngest daughter who lives

in German Village, a section

or neighborhood found on

the southeast part of Columbus.

If you would like to join us check

out Norm Frampton’s blog and see

his door example(s) as well as links

which connect the doors community.

We all appreciate your visiting!


Come back another day to see

more varieties of posts. Thanks!

Thursday’s Doors ~ German Village house



Another example of using tight spaces,

fitting in so many unique and homey

qualifications. German Village in

Columbus, Ohio has so many

on each street, turn a corner

and I annoyed my youngest

daughter, Felicia, stopping

as we strolled. Each one

was unique, no copy cats

nor “boring” houses.

We both exclaimed

at care shown in

their upkeep.

Instead of my pointing

out what I liked, please

feel free to point out

anything that captured

your interest please.

Norm Frampton began this

weekly program which has many

addicted to checking out doors

of many kinds and dimensions.

Here is a link to Norm’s blog:


Enjoy and join us if you would like!

“A Long Bench of Memories”



“The quaint stone houses

on each end of the bench

help anchor this convenient

place to gather or sit alone.

The ornamental houses serve

both in practicality and

bringing beauty,

making them

stand out.

Today is

a day of somber

remembrance of the

attack on the twin towers,

bombings which resonated

and shook the whole world.

Come sit down, push in closer,

we may pack ourselves tightly.

Feel  the  pulse  of  humanity  flow

across our bodies, through our blood.

Warmth and camaraderie will result if

we gather here now.  Upon one long

bench, no beginning nor ending,

no superior or inferior position,

just side by side by side. . .

A fitting house at each end,

to take shelter in, quench our

thirst and rest a bit, if needed.

This is in remembrance of Those

who inexplicably were killed and

Those who fearlessly gave up

their time, energy and Some

who also gave up their lives

to save others by loving

their neighbors.”


Robin Oldrieve Cochran

Archbishop Timothy Dolan 

shares his insight:

“We must never allow September 11th

to become a time of protest and

division. Instead, this day must

remain a time for promoting

Peace and mutual respect.”


Go in peace. . .

and share a bench.

Thursday’s Doors ~ 1776 flag by door



This old German Village home has

a neat, modern look with brick

red pots, one on each step.

Well-kept lawn with trimmed

bushes, brick laid sidewalk,

steps of cement, black

rod iron fence and

simple black door,

all make me feel

pleasantly satisfied

with my door today.

Go check out the other

special, chosen doors please!

The founder of Thursday’s Doors,

Norm Frampton, has his own

door photograph to display,

as well as others to see.

Come explore the

“world of doors!”


Our bicentennial in 1976,

brought the Tall Ships

through the channels

to show off their beauty,

on Lake Erie, in Sandusky Harbor.