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Delicate purple flowers


Hints of frost damage upon leaves

and delicate purple blossoms

still seemed to request 

my favor, to promote 

and capture beauty.

Alas, I felt torn but 

their tiny, precious 

voices prevailed 

to entreat me.

I now finally

“get” why

Dr. Seuss

had his

caring elephant,

Horton, hearing a “Who.”


“Horton Hears a Who,”

written in 1954, was

dedicated to his distant friend,

“For My Great Friend,

Mitsugi Nakamura

of Kyoto,




This quote is from our

First Presbyterian Church

monthly newsletter called,

The Spire:

“Nothing that is worth doing can be

achieved in our lifetime; therefore we 

must be saved by Hope.

Nothing which is true or beautiful or 

good makes complete sense in any 

immediate context or history; therefore

we must be saved by Faith. Nothing we

do, however virtuous, can be

accomplished alone; therefore we are

saved by Love.

~ Reinhold Niebuhr


Those who “stay awake and wait,”

Hope your sunrise Dawn brushes
away the tears from your

Midnight Vigil tonight. ❤

Thursday’s Doors ~ December 1, 2016


So much to see!

A pagoda,

an Elephant,

Delaware, Ohio

Horse mail box,

antique lanterns,

Christmas  swags,

pots of chrysanthemums.

This is 185 West Winter Street

a bed and breakfast place

across the street from 

The Arts Castle.

This door post 

is part of a group of

doors photographers

who have added their links

to our founder and leader,

Norm Frampton whose blog is:


Happy Door’s Hunting!

Veteran’s Day, 2016


My grandsons spent 

nearly 40 minutes,

looking and studying

the different elements 

of military service.

There was an army camp,

weapons on display,

an army hummer and a jeep.

The display for dinner of

a military family member

created a short discussion of

whether or not this is done

For loved ones who have been

unable to return to their

holiday family meal~

Whether from illness or

hospitalization, Depending 

on living but unable to come home

or on Dying, while the missing place

is set as a symbol of respect and love.

Here is the “recipe” for the details:

“Our White Table”

White tablecloth = purity of motive.

Black napkin = prisoner of war.

Navy blue napkin was not explained~

possibly for Navy or Marine soldier

or replace with folded American flag.

Candle lit on table = Being a 

“light in the darkness.”

Red rose = represents hopes 

+ prayers of those awaiting

return of loved ones.

Red ribbon on vase = determination.

Inverted glass = missed love one.

A slice of lemon = bitter fates.

Pinch of salt = the tears of families.

The army helmet resting on the gun 

which had its barrel deeply 

buried in the soil, again

seemed to draw 

attention to

the sad 


of war.

(Next post)

~ ~ ~

Inspired by,

“America’s White Table,”

originated by 

Margot Theis Raven.

In remembrance to all 

areas of military service

and loss of loved ones,

Gratitude for Veteran’s Day,

November 11, 2016.

If you wish to leave

a message or say

how you or your family

honors Veterans, please

leave in the comments.