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Thursday’s Doors ~ fairy house door


An artist made this fairy house

which my oldest daughter,

her new husband and two

boys discovered as one

of many pleasant 

surprises left

by Lucy, the

last owner.

Hope you enjoyed

this whimsical door 

selection close to our hearts.

You see, over thirty years

ago, I went to a “newcomers

club” here in Delaware, Ohio.

One woman named Lucy was 

friendly and helpful. . .

She was a counselor who

had just moved to town,

no children but we

had art in common.

🎨  🖼

A couple years later,

we lost touch. I, with 3

children, she never married.

First, she met my youngest

daughter, the real estate 

agent whose last name

isn’t mine, then her

sister, my oldest daughter.

Lucy said she felt, “positivity

radiating between them.”

Enjoyed the newlywed

husband and 2 boys,

Micah and Skyler.

After we met again, many

years later~ extra wrinkles and

changes, we sensed a connection.

I hugged and kissed her!

Thank you, Lucy.

Oh, and thanks to two females

who are often in my Life:

Lady Luck 🍀


Mother Nature. 🍃

Thanks to Norm,

our Thursday Doors leader,

Please check out other links

to doors and you may make friends, too.


It isn’t that hard to find a door 🚪

even a refrigerator door “counts!”

Thursday’s Doors ~ storybook house, part 1


My Mom raised me to love the

larger than life flowers such as

Queen Anne’s Lace, Sunflowers,

and these purple cone flowers.

This house has outdoor bookcase,

which has a door to open, choose

a book and if you have one extra,

leave one to replace the borrowed

book. I like blue houses with

white trim and a nice porch

like this one to sit down on

white wicker furniture upon

a cushion, lean into a pillow

and if curious, look out at

the sidewalk and street.

If reading a book, this

would be a perfect 

place to “travel,”

engage in any

number of


This post is part of a

larger doors community

known as Thursday Doors.

The host who is the keeper of

links, connection to doors

is Norm Frampton:


Happy doors seeking and 

let me know if a special

storybook house is on

your mind, please!

🌸  🌲  🌼   🌳   🌸

Thursday’s Doors ~ July in the ‘burbs


Approaching this house from the

north, walking on the sidewalk

I give an inaudible “sigh!” and

happy smile to the runner as

she passes! This will be one 

of my featured homes

from the suburbs of

Cleveland, Ohio.

Here’s someone

who often shows

an example of

doors which take

my breath away,

Norm Frampton:


Norm will have blue frog links

to other people’s door choices.

Have a lovely rest of your 

week.  I hope your

weekend  leads  you

along pretty garden paths.

🍀 💮 🌸 🏵 🌼 💮 🍀 

“Boys of Summer” series: My grandson, slugger Micah


Looking through the green chain fence,

Trying to remember this “little boy,”

Where did the “baby” go?

“Snips and snails, and

Puppy dog tails.”


He’s at the beginning of the

Batting line up,

First year of baseball

Skipping t-ball and now part of

Coach’s pitch.

Sometimes it gets me extra


“Oh, how my Dad would have

Loved these moments!”


Nine innings fly by,

Usually not such a quick 

Four, but they won

and game was over in the

“Blink of an eye!”

Thursday’s Doors ~ December 15, 2016, Side View


This lengthy side room,

with multiple paned windows

capture my rapt attention as I drove

past it to meet my youngest daughter

at the Whitney House for lunch.

Worthington, Ohio is where I

shared a precious, special

antique looking window

of the Worthington Inn

last Christmas holiday.

I hope there will be a choice

below the friends who like

thus post, where you may

be whisked away to a

different time period

since last year I went

“All Out” in my door-

chasing escapades!

Happy viewing of other

Thursday’s Doors with

links to connect found on

Norm Frampton’s blog:


Thursday’s Doors ~ December 1, 2016


So much to see!

A pagoda,

an Elephant,

Delaware, Ohio

Horse mail box,

antique lanterns,

Christmas  swags,

pots of chrysanthemums.

This is 185 West Winter Street

a bed and breakfast place

across the street from 

The Arts Castle.

This door post 

is part of a group of

doors photographers

who have added their links

to our founder and leader,

Norm Frampton whose blog is:


Happy Door’s Hunting!