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“Boys of Summer” series: Two base hit, Skyler takes off. . .


Someone special among my 

blogging community friends,

mentioned she likes to see Ohio’s

“green spaces” and I want to send a ~

“Hello to Luanne Castle!”

She’s a Michigan “girl at heart.”

(My choice of words, but we

have dolls, sewing, theater and

each of us love the Great Lakes

which hold memories for both of us.)

Check out Luanne, who not only

Won the 2015 New Mexico – Arizona 

Award for her poetry book, “Doll God,”

but also has a new kind of chapbook.

It is full of historic yarns of family, 

found through reminders in poems

and musings in her, “Kin Types.”


or visit her blog at:



Skyler’s team won in a landslide,

15 – 0, a “fourth inning shut-out.” 

Mercifully, young boys were

heading out for ice cream,

different coaches and 

parents for consolation

or in celebratory cones.


Feel free to share

favorite teams or

summer stories!

☀ 💛 🌞

The M & M girls + Hendrix


After being such excellent 

blogging friends, your

reward is to see the M & M

girls with little brother,

toddler Hendrix!

All enjoyed soft serve

chocolate ice cream.

Our very favorite ice cream “palace”

is called Dairy Point, a family

run business where my 

personal favorite is a

scoop of hard butter pecan,

hot caramel, real whipped cream,

home toasted pecans and 

a cherry on top!


Please “dish!”

What is your favorite flavor?

Does anyone still order 

a banana split?

Thursday’s Doors ~ Kona Ice truck


Believe it or not, there was a much

longer line of hospital staff 

standing here, before I 

mentioned that I hoped no

one minded if I took their picture.

Anyway, here’s one hospital nurse

and the Tropical Shaved Kona Ice

purveyor extraordinaire.

Even she was “shy!”

Here’s a friendly host,

Norm Frampton, whose

Thursday’s Doors feature is

quite popular and a worldwide

phenomenon, irresistible to

doors’ (of any kind) viewers!

Hope you check out the variety here:


Happy doors’ excursions!

🏣  ðŸ•  ðŸš  ðŸ   ðŸ¤ ⛪ ⛺

Thursday’s Doors ~ summer means “Fun in the Sun!”


The Kona Ice truck goes to our local

hospitals, parks, and schools.

Yes, it is a symbol of summer!

No, it is still May and spring here.

I went to Ohio Health to pick 

up knee x-rays for Felicia.

There was the Kona Ice truck!

I like the piña colada flavored ice

or coffee cappuccino ice with

a squirt of vanilla added.

This is a Double Doors post!

“What?” you ask.

The “real” door where

the driver gets in and out, is

to the left. The “bamboo” door

where you imagine it opening

and allowing the Kona Penguin

to disembark makes my silly,

childish face, “Smile!”  It also

brings shaved snow cones

to my grandchildren’s

schools on certain days

where lucky kids purchase

fruit flavored juicy ices.

This is one of two door posts

and the next one had 10 adult

nurses and hospital staff,

standing in line.

Only one remained once

I mentioned, “I’m taking a picture!”

You would have giggled at how fast

they scattered, hiding behind bushes.

Here’s a jewel of a door wrangler, who

may enjoy a fruit flavored snow cone.

Please check out Norm Frampton’s

Thursday’s Doors on his blog here:


Hope you don’t mind looking at the

window with the purveyor of

frozen sugared confections.

Come on, summer! 

 ðŸ¨  ðŸŒž 🍦

 x   🍧  x

 ðŸ‰  o  ðŸ