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Crafts taught me by “C”


 Box knot pattern,

Braiding cords together:

So far, the guy I date has been

teaching me how to use what

is considered “parachute cord”

or Paracord. YouTube has 

tutorials on the internet

For something similar to what

I used to make out of plastic cords.

We used “550 weight” parachute cord. 

Skyler wanted OSU colors

of  “scarlet and gray,”

charms of “magic trick”

with a black “top hat” where a 

bunny will be pulled out of it!

His second charm is a pink guitar.

There were no bass or cello charms.

Add black and red glass beads, 

with a dog leash hook.

While the three M’s,

my dear little grandies,

cousins of each other and my 

weekend “shadows,”
chose a neon pink cord, 

“rainbow-colored” black cord

and for their lanyard, solid black cord.

The charms vary on their silver hoops.

If you enlarge them, you may see

Micah chose food items of



Candy bar,

Sandwich cookie with <3.

(No lecture from Nana about 

healthy food choices!)

 πŸ™‚  πŸ™‚

Makyah chose 




Sandwich cookie with <3.


Marley has more variety:

Ballerina gymnast,


“Rock star”



I have two more to do ~

Landen and Lara’s.


Hendrix will want one.

These are not for children under 3.

I can only guess what he may choose!

The charms found at Pat Catan’s

are from the “quarter” bin!

(Twenty five cents!)

The glass beads, which I 

used two for Skyler’s lanyard

plus two metal grommets 

with glass crystal “jewels.”

Lara who wants her school

colors,  orange and black,

will have beads plus metal 

grommets which come from

dangling chains, 

only $1.00 apiece!

If you ever are in Cleveland, Ohio

Please check out the arts and crafts

materials from this shop which

now has an offspring 

Right here in




My Army veteran man,

once a medic and 

another stint serving

as a tanker soldier,

The U.S. Army calls these soldiers

“heavyweight champions 

in the battlefield.”
He tells me, the reason why 

Paracord lanyards make sense is, 

“In times of danger,

while hanging in a tree

or needing to pull 

someone out of

deep water,” 

you just:

“Undo your lanyard!”

How exciting and useful to know

this important lesson. The boys

were especially appreciative to

learn this utilitarian purpose.

We completed our seashell puzzle,

ate Italian food and are going to see,

“Boss Baby,” meeting my friend

and co-worker (brave woman!)

to walk to the Strand Theatre.

Hope you had a lovely and

wonderful weekend.

This post is to explain 

absences from my weekly

blog friend visiting. .  .