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Orchids with fondness


Happy Mother’s Day to

all those who play roles in

loved one’s lives by ~

Brightening our existence!

🌸 💐 🌼 🐝
Hot pink is mentioned

often when reflections 

of my Mom come up. 

This is to say, she is still

funny, lively and good company.

She recollects much of the past,

Vague recollections of our “now”

and still remembers to say

to many who are around 

her, “I like your blouse!”

or add as she passed someone

on the sidewalk on our sunny walks,

“Have a wonderful day!”

She hums and knows some of 

“Que Sera Sera” and liberally 

applies this philosophy,

as well as fuschia lipstick

upon her dry but warm lips.

Following her suggestion to me,

as a teenager,

“You can never go wrong 

with lipstick and a dab of color 

in your wardrobe!”

Her new lipstick tint is called,

“Orchid,” and matches 
her hot pink floral top!

Happy Bunny Day: Love somebunny today!


This goes out to people who 

are of any or no faith, 

sending hugs and 

jelly bean kisses

to all and hope

you have fun!

Go ahead hop on

over to your




house with a 

floral bouquet or

a basket of candy!

🌈  ❤  💐

Spring and Easter message:

“One touch of nature makes

the whole world kin.”

~ William Shakespeare,

English playwright

and Dramatist,

(1564 – 1616)

Leaning over the fairgrounds fence


The sky was changing and becoming
alive with colors and emotions.
Sometimes we may just study 
the details to imprint them 
on our minds. Other times, we 
cannot resist sharing with a 
person passing by, if we are
walking. Others times, we push 
ourselves to find an opening in the
scenery to get a clear picture.
One to carry with us, on our cell
phone. Just to open and sense the 
eye opening experience once again.
It is getting cooler, but still we 
shall have warm days, cool nights
and magical carpet rides.
Looks like a great clearing
to run, settle on it, hang on tight!
Come drift along on your carpet
beside me out into the blue yonder.


This was written in the Fall, 2016.

I tried to fit in it, but we had 

Delaware County Fair,

All Horse Parade, 


and just

saw this. . .

Wishing you a bit of green 

nature and happy to know,

less than thirty days til

Spring is sprung! 

Highbanks Overlook, Aunt Felicia and Micah


Here are two “babies” in 

a group of one big

happy family.

Micah’s baby brother 

to Skyler.

Felicia is baby sister 

of  Carrie and Jamie.

Hope you float,

fly or soar





I sometimes

show it; often

will tell you:

I love you all!



Photograph taken,

Fall scenery,

Highbanks Park.

Magenta pink hibiscus sends a Valentine’s message


Odes to flowers,

poems of love,

red and orange flames

of passion while the

deep, luxurious pink

of magenta deserves

adoration and warm regards.

The male stamen thrusts 

like a sword of passion and

romance while still staying 

“in touch with his feminine side.”


Thanks for reading my response

~ or ode to bright, cheery fuschia ~

Your thoughts are always 

appreciated, while your poetic

words add so much more. . .

Happy Valentine’s Day!

💖    🍥    🌸    🎶



In the background of these two 

loving fowl, one a rooster

there is a Hawk,

kept in a place 

healing his wounds.

We wandered through

bird sanctuary to come across 

kissing couple content on their perch.

As we looked through the netting

into the brooding hawk’s cage 

we pondered his fate and

came to conclusion, as

the conservationist 

and preservation 



It is best to be

alive, peaceful 

and hopeful

as we view

our world.

Kissing rooster 

and partner seemed 

truly and happily paired.

Rather than a cockfight

maybe choose kindness and love.

Happy New Year, 2017!


(photo and thoughts 

~ reocochran)


This is a letter from a famous

person in answer to someone else.

“North Brooklin, Maine

30 March 1973

Dear Mr. Nadeau,

As long as there is one upright man,

as long as there is one compassionate 

woman, the contagion may spread and 

the scene is not desolate. Hope is the

thing that is left to us, in a bad time.

I shall get up Sunday morning and 

wind the clock, as a contribution to

order and steadfastness.

Sailors have an expression about the 

weather: they say the weather is a

great bluffer. I guess the same is true

of our human society — things can look 

dark, then a break shows in the clouds,

and all is changed, sometimes rather

suddenly. It is quite obvious that the 

human race has made a queer mess

of life on this planet. But as a people we

probably harbor seeds of goodness that

have lain for a long time waiting to

sprout when the conditions are right.

Man’s curiosity, his relentlessness, his 

inventiveness, his ingenuity have led

him into deep trouble. We can only hope

that these same traits will enable him

to claw his way out.

Hang on to your hat. 

Hang on to your hope.

And wind the clock,

For tomorrow is another day.


E.B. White”


(Author of Charlotte’s Web,

Stuart Little and co-author,

The Elements of Style.)

He died in 1985,

Words ring true 

For our new year.