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“Boys of Summer” series: Winning run around bases ends in pile up!


Eight year old grandson, Micah, ran

the “winning bases run.”

Not captured in this photograph

since he ran on through to my 

arms, very proud of his own

One point contribution.

He made it to bases every 

time he hit the ball! ⚾

This is part of my

“Boys of Summer” series. . .

Memories of any summer 

activities welcome!

My son, Jamie, was one who

loved t-ball and soccer. ⚽

Later, very good in 

middle school football.

This is my oldest daughter’s 

son, Micah’s post.


Thanks and a simple homage

to 1984 Don Henley’s song,

“Boys of Summer.”

Orchids with fondness


Happy Mother’s Day to

all those who play roles in

loved one’s lives by ~

Brightening our existence!

🌸 💐 🌼 🐝
Hot pink is mentioned

often when reflections 

of my Mom come up. 

This is to say, she is still

funny, lively and good company.

She recollects much of the past,

Vague recollections of our “now”

and still remembers to say

to many who are around 

her, “I like your blouse!”

or add as she passed someone

on the sidewalk on our sunny walks,

“Have a wonderful day!”

She hums and knows some of 

“Que Sera Sera” and liberally 

applies this philosophy,

as well as fuschia lipstick

upon her dry but warm lips.

Following her suggestion to me,

as a teenager,

“You can never go wrong 

with lipstick and a dab of color 

in your wardrobe!”

Her new lipstick tint is called,

“Orchid,” and matches 
her hot pink floral top!

My own artwork


As some may remember,

I enjoy pen and ink style drawing.

I used to dip a pen with a nib into

a pot of permanent black India ink.

I have always doodled and once

had a journal I took annually to

Girl Scout camp.  Two weeks 

away meant plenty of foliage,

fauna and tentmates to draw.

My Dad worked his day job

at NASA, but loved art.

It was so nice to sit 

down with him 

and show the

natural elements

I  had  seen while

away ~ upon my 

return home!


This fairly recent commission

was by a chiropractor, a good 

friend of youngest daughter.

I have made over a hundred 

picture names, mainly for

babies  and  children.

Dr. Dan was only my 

second one created for

a professional office.

I have drawn historical 

houses for stationery

sold to raise money for 

girls’ math and science,

“AAUW Be Wise Camp.”

I make sure to show my

Grandma Moses-like

“folksy-styled renderings”

before I begin a project.

No photos or much use

for rulers, although my

brother Randy teases

me about porches

looking like they

 may fall off! 


Photo from my friend Anna


Buckeye Lake is close to where my

children, ex-husband and I lived

in the eighties. Lancaster, Ohio

is a bustling city in Fairfield

county. Two of my three 

grown children were

born there. One of

my most humorous

stories of cows on our front

lawn  while Carrie and Jamie stood

in front of our big picture window in

their “footie jammies!” I first called the

police, on their no emergency call’s #, 

 but eventually found out that we were

considered “county residents” so called

the Sheriff. He came to the door and

asked this “city girl” a pertinent

question: “Do you know who

owns these cows?!”

He then proceeded to take

off his Sheriff’s “cowboy hat”

which Jamie really wanted to know

if he could try if on? I never did ask the

kind Sheriff this question. Once all the

cows were “rounded up” by his able

waving and shouting such things as

“Whoa!” and “Come on, Bessy!”

Yes, he really did say this!

He had four cows on the road in 

front of our little brick ranch.

Soon, he came knocking and

requesting use of my phone,

facilities and took my offer

of a hot cup of coffee.

When who we fondly 

call, “Sheriff Dan” 

finished coffee 

and providing an hour 

of lively entertainment,

he made a call: 

“Hello, I am calling to say I

have the cows on Meadowbrook Lane

rounded up but unsure which farmer 

is the owner. Could someone call the

two nearest farms on this part of

the county road?  Please check 

if missing four cows!”

Soon, a return call

came into my kitchen

that held news which direction

the cows needed to be heading home.

In those days, over thirty years ago,

my two oldest kids were five and

three. They like to remember 

places like Rising Park with

it’s cliff and challenging

climb and overlook.

Buckeye Lake has an

island with these 

ancient plants

which are like those

Venus flytraps, remains

of unique plantings which

only once a year can you pay

to go to see, study and learn about

this specific  island environment.

Thanks to my friend, Anna, who

used to work at the warehouse

with me, for some splendid 

photographs of Buckeye Lake.

Once I went to an awesome 

day long music festival there.

A “jewel” of many in Ohio,

a great destination place.

Enjoy the boathouse and 

shimmering lake! 

Thursday’s Doors ~ Delaware Cultural Arts Castle



This beautiful place is a

Cultural Center for






Mounted art,


Dramatic arts,

Guitar lessons,

Ballroom dances,

Summer arts camp,

Displays in galleries,

Water color painting.

Gift shop purchases

and so much more.

+ + + + + + +

This Thursday’s Doors post
contains a historical jewel
located in Delaware, Ohio.

This is part of a weekly
series which is connected to
organizer, Norm Frampton at:

Please visit Norm’s blog for other
door posts with links to their blogs!

Happy Cinco de Maya!

Memories of family who
lived here before, that 
I babysat for,

~ * ~

My November porcelain doll



I was “sweet sixteen”
and understood finally
why Mom collected dolls.

She had only two she
Remembered. . .

The German baby,
Rosie sucked on
doll baby’s hands
made of
paper mache,

All of pink paint
was consumed.

Her other doll,
a Victorian black-
coiffed, porcelain
doll had one arm
which got ripped
off “accidentally”
her cloth body.

She explained
“All about the
during my
younger years.

My childish
position of
had only
“half listened.”

Sent to my room for,

doll was made by
Vermilion, Ohio
artist who

I turned 16,
my young heart
innocent and happy.
Kissed a few weeks
before birthday by a
Boy Scout.

I treasured this doll,
Put on my bed from
Age 16 until 22.

She sat on my bed
while away at college.

Only marriage sent her
into a suitcase,

One of those blue
metal ones,

with tiny
white stars,
lined in pink,
cardboard interior.

She shares her space
with twin Ginny’s.

Their dresses made by
Vogue company  in
Medford, Massachusetts,

An Asian Barbie,

The Effanbee Rebecca,

and my first

“Beach Blonde Barbie.”

Do you have~

Lurking in boxes,
In plastic tubs,
Suitcases or
A trunk?

♡ ¤ ° ¤ ♡

There is a special poet and
Published author, fellow
from Michigan.
She wrote,
“Doll God”
Please check
out my friend,
Luanne Castle:


Photo of doll and
two “Sweet 16”
cards, one from
Dad and Mom,
other from 2 brothers,
taken by reocochran.