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Orchids with fondness


Happy Mother’s Day to

all those who play roles in

loved one’s lives by ~

Brightening our existence!

🌸 💐 🌼 🐝
Hot pink is mentioned

often when reflections 

of my Mom come up. 

This is to say, she is still

funny, lively and good company.

She recollects much of the past,

Vague recollections of our “now”

and still remembers to say

to many who are around 

her, “I like your blouse!”

or add as she passed someone

on the sidewalk on our sunny walks,

“Have a wonderful day!”

She hums and knows some of 

“Que Sera Sera” and liberally 

applies this philosophy,

as well as fuschia lipstick

upon her dry but warm lips.

Following her suggestion to me,

as a teenager,

“You can never go wrong 

with lipstick and a dab of color 

in your wardrobe!”

Her new lipstick tint is called,

“Orchid,” and matches 
her hot pink floral top!

St. John’s Hospital roof scenery


Mom’s in the local hospital, 

with a diagnosis of having

contracted pneumonia!

The beauty in the sky,

 along with shiny

vents, hoods and pipes

created a combination of

natural clouds, blue sky and

manufactured hardware 

up on the rooftops.

Imitating musical album, 

Industrial style

artwork on

Pink Floyd’s 

“Animals” song, “Pigs.”