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Bumblebee with white flower pollen



This bumblebee was so rude,

His or her behind facing outwards,

Entrenched deep into the blossom.

White pollen dusting its yellow

and black stripes.


Photo taken

by reocochran.


In my  five years of blogging,

I have met numerous dear

friends who have “grandies,”

which is an affectionate way

of labeling grandchildren.

Using a sense of humor to notice

in white flower bloom, there’s

a bee’s “bum” covered with pollen.

Kids find this amusing and silly! 

There are a long list of words

as a Nana, I have learned

to “never” say in front of

those “listening ears!”

Those inquiring

minds are on 

the lookout!

The other 

words for


are ones

you may have

to find





You are to me ~

the bee’s knees!

💚 🐝 💚

Thanks, everyone who show

patience in my tardy replies

and my late arrivals to

your lovely posts.

💮 🌻 🌸

Delaware, OH park system: Mingo Park


Although Dan was mentioned

recently in connection to Sears

department  and  hardware

stores, I already had this

pre-scheduled and cannot

skip over this lookalike dog!

Some posts this week will include

someone who the post inspired

me to feature and dedicate to.

This pretty red Irish Setter

named Mickey helped me

think of Dan Antion’s

Maddie at:

No Facilities blog:


I hope you will enjoy 

my series of parks

with my regards

and shout out’s

to friends.

Happy hiking,

camping, picnics, and

climbing play equipment!

Here are a few more male friends

who deserve a shout out:

Chris ~


George ~


Derrick ~


John ~


Weeds, 4. Roadside rest


Weary of the numerous cars, 

traveling both directions.

Wishing for a stream,

cool and shady from

the day’s hot, sticky

weather and bustle.

Leaning on the rail of

fencing to prevent snow 

in other seasons from drifting.

Listening to birds in far off woods, 

their familiar calls and songs.

Swooping from tall trees,

from branches to limbs

sending peaceful vibes.

Breathing the aroma of

fields, flowers, weeds.

Singing a message to all.

Slow your pace and 

follow the way

back to simple


in time.


Country road thoughts by Robin,

Serene photograph also by her.


Additional words for a Sunday

given by Frederick Buechner:

“Faith is better understood as a verb

than as a noun, as a process than as

a possession. It is an on-again-

off-again rather than 


Faith is not being sure 

where you’re going, 

but going anyway.

A journey without maps.

As theologian Paul Tillich said,

” ‘Doubt isn’t the opposite of faith;

It is an element of faith.’ “

Be Present


It is the warmth of early morning sun,

Sometimes the golden glow of day off,

Mostly sun rising on way to work.

It’s the vibrancy of green grass,

parallel lines, upon the tall

water tower, shimmering.

The sky’s swatches of 

dove-gray lavender

velvet with layer

of white cotton.

It is now.

It is real.

Never mind, 

power lines

and distractions.

Pay attention:

Be present.

This is life.