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Thursday’s Doors ~ the Student Union “verandah”


This stonework is similar to the

Gray Chapel and other 

Ohio Wesleyan University buildings.

This is where my grandies and I 

have eaten snacks, taken our

Flashlight hikes to, enjoying

sitting and rocking while 

we talk about so many

odds and ends.

This door is one which

sends light into the evening.

We enjoy this destination place.

This is the front door, but a few

different posts to give this 

building its “due.”

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It’s almost the weekend!

Hip hip hooray!

Thursday’s Doors ~ coffee shop, Women’s Room


Probably one of only a few door posts

featuring a public bathroom!

This is a necessity if you are 

sitting, sipping and chatting

for any length of time.

Coffee is as you know,

a natural diuretic.

I liked the natural 

wooden art designating 

“Women’s Restroom.”

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you may find one that suits you

or is your “cup of tea,” on 

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Thursday’s Doors. His name

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Please check out my first 
posts with the exterior doors

of Cup O’ Joe.

Thursday’s Doors ~ Inside Cup O’ Joe


This young lady graduated from

my alma mater, BGSU. She liked 

talking to Bill and me, after we 

had seen “The Zookeeper’s Wife.”

She said the Holocaust and WWII

were serious themes and was excited

to view “Beauty and the Beast.”

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door photos which has a

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Thursday’s Doors ~ Cup O’ Joe


This is the front door of

Thursday’s Doors,

a coffee shop nearby many 

restaurants and a movie

cinema complex.

Plenty of guests, quiet 

and calm setting found here,

inside the doors, warmth exudes.

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enjoy a cup of coffee, 

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Thursday’s Doors ~ Cup O’ Joe’s


This is part of a chain

of coffee shops, 

the grand cup atop 

building displaying its wares.

Pleasant and warm interior,

fireplace showing gas flames.

Quiet but low level discussion

being held at one table while many

coffee drinking “solos” spread 

scattered around the cafe.

Bill orders a chocolate torte, along

with a vanilla cappuccino with 

whipped cream. He pays in cash,

as I have studied menu and order

a regular sized coffee, “shot” of

caramel with “room for cream.”

We proceed to talk with the 

friendly female barista. She

enjoys a few friendly exchanges.

Check the post with the interior 

photo of the counter, picture of

cute “Tips” cup which we both added to!

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Norm Frampton, who welcomes

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Thursday’s Doors ~ Inside the Strand Theatre


This door is found next to fireplace 

in the front room of the 

Delaware, Ohio

Strand Theatre.

The door seems like it 

has an older “feel”to it, 

possibly has been here 

since the opening of the

original company, 

New York Cash.

When the business went “under,”

the building was purchased by 

the Schine family. They were ones

who decided to open cinema,

The Strand Theatre on

April 10, 1916.

It has the same marquee,

although the ticket sales booth

moved indoors and renovations 

were fully completed in 2002.

The theatre was given funding 

by Ohio Arts Council, was also

noted as “historical landmark”

status with the label, “non-profit”

all the details completed to make

this a destination location!

Does anyone have any ideas 

about this dark blue door?

What its purpose, original use and 

current possibilities could be . . .

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community and Norm Frampton,

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I have another interior photograph

with four happy grandies who

laughed  very  loudly  and  used

excited voices during the children’s

animated movie, “Boss Baby.”

Please check out one more 

post today on April 6, 2017.

Have a fantastic weekend!

The house at Gallant Woods



Hopefully, this photograph for

Thursday’s Doors will bring 

you peaceful, “easy” feelings.

Referring to the Eagles

song, as well as how a

tranquil setting gives

us a sense of normalcy,

in our tumultuous life.

This was taken on an early

evening in “the golden hour.”

I love how the sun brightens

and reflects while accentuating

details of whatever comes 

into its light pathway.

This old farmhouse is

located on the same property 

as last week’s door feature.

The red historical barn was 

on Gallant Woods Preserve.

Here’s our door’s leader 

and rodeo extroadinaire,

Norm Frampton’s link:


If I had room on my walls, 

this photograph would

become enlarged and

be displayed on my wall. . .

Let me know if anything is

elicited from your beautiful mind!