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Thursday’s Doors ~ fairy house door


An artist made this fairy house

which my oldest daughter,

her new husband and two

boys discovered as one

of many pleasant 

surprises left

by Lucy, the

last owner.

Hope you enjoyed

this whimsical door 

selection close to our hearts.

You see, over thirty years

ago, I went to a “newcomers

club” here in Delaware, Ohio.

One woman named Lucy was 

friendly and helpful. . .

She was a counselor who

had just moved to town,

no children but we

had art in common.

🎨  ðŸ–¼

A couple years later,

we lost touch. I, with 3

children, she never married.

First, she met my youngest

daughter, the real estate 

agent whose last name

isn’t mine, then her

sister, my oldest daughter.

Lucy said she felt, “positivity

radiating between them.”

Enjoyed the newlywed

husband and 2 boys,

Micah and Skyler.

After we met again, many

years later~ extra wrinkles and

changes, we sensed a connection.

I hugged and kissed her!

Thank you, Lucy.

Oh, and thanks to two females

who are often in my Life:

Lady Luck 🍀


Mother Nature. 🍃

Thanks to Norm,

our Thursday Doors leader,

Please check out other links

to doors and you may make friends, too.


It isn’t that hard to find a door 🚪

even a refrigerator door “counts!”

Thursday’s Doors ~ fairy outside her door


This fairy is quite sweet,

very friendly and not shy.

She asks you to get on knees,

lean in to tell her a fairy tale

or ask you to inform her if

the weather will change

so she may get inside

before it rains.

🌧 ⛈ 🌧


🌼 🏰 🌸

Do you have a short

tale to tell sweet fairy,

or a fairy joke to 

bring her


Thursday Doors is a part of

a door seeking group

rounded up by a

blogger named

Norm Frampton at:


Have a magical day exploring doors!

Thursday’s Doors ~ book box, part 2


This book box is one of many

independent, fun borrowing 

stations located around our 

small town of Delaware, Ohio.

I’m sure there are some many

places across the country. I’m

not sure of their names or if

there is a movement or 

trend, when it started

and where it began?

Maybe there is a 

website or a founder

who came up with this

concept which is meaningful.

Books connect us and were our

first places to inform us of 

imaginary worlds, taking 

us across oceans and

into homes, museums

and so much more!

Fill in some blanks,

if you know more about

this borrowing book box!

Here’s a much appreciated man,

Norm Frampton, 


Go to Norm’s blog which has 

blue frog links to other 

diverse doors, 

ones close to you 

or far away! 

🌍 * 🌐 * 🌎 * 🌐 * 🌏

Thursday’s Doors ~ the little door “tale”


I asked the three cousins

 whose names begin with M

Micah, Makyah and Marley,

(Boy: age 8- Girl: age 6 – Girl: age 8 1/2)

“Who could live in this wee, tiny home?”

Right away, quick as a wink:

Micah thinks the person is, “an elf

who likes to play with Legos.”

Next, a thoughtful answer:

Makyah says, “It’s a girl bear who 

isn’t very old, maybe six years old?”

(This happens to be her own age.)

We kept on walking in silence,

to the brand new playground at

back of St. Mary’s Catholic Church.

Marley is the oldest, going to be nine 

years old in November, said as she 

was swinging high as she could,

“I need time to think!”

She’s quite the dramatic queen

who will occasionally set the scene.

We sat down at the picnic table

while I passed cookies out.

Ready for a story?

As told by Marley:

“Once upon a time

there were two little people.

A little man and a little, old woman.

They lived in back of a big, brick

house, with a tiny door.

There was a ringing doorbell. 

They had a bird named Camille.

The bird always copied what they said.

Camille liked visiting other birds.

They were free, she was not.

The wild birds liked to play in the

big tree with Camille. She liked 

to copy what they sang. One

day she found a paper and

it was a map to the pet store.

She thought she would like to 

visit her old friends in their cages.

The little lady and little old man

couldn’t find their bird, Camille.

They started putting up papers 

saying, “Lost bird. We are 

looking for an orange and pink bird.”

They gave their address on the paper.

Camille saw the keys to the cage 

to her friends and she unlocked 

their cages. She let the birds out.

She brought the birds back to her

house where she lived. Her owners

came home and saw all the birds.

They started laughing! 

The free birds liked their

new home which always kept

their windows and doors

Open. . . .

and they lived 

happily ever after!”

by Marley Jazmine C.


This is part of a community of

crazy door chasers who like 

history, colorful, and 

eye-catching doors.

Thursday Doors

are rounded up on

Norm Frampton’s blog:


Hope this was a fun fairy tale,

quite a change of pace 

door for you. 🏡

🌠 🌌 Wishing you a

Happily ever after!🌌 🌠 🏰

Thursday’s Doors ~ the little door


This little door intrigued my

intrepid trio of M’s, the

grandies who like to

hang out with me,

their Nana.

We saw the

tiny door,

“as short as

they were tall!”

Here is the whole 

photograph taken by me.

These elements are important:

🌠size, doorbell and towering tree,

a wild creatures and birds’ paradise.🌠

Here is our Thursday Door’s post 

Host Norm Frampton found here:


Please check out other posts,

blue frog links and many doors.

Happy exploring fun door posts!

Thursday’s Doors ~ the ‘burbs of Cleveland, Ohio


When I woke up at my brother,

Rich and Susan’s house,

ate my breakfast and

sipped hot coffee,

little did I expect

the baby fawns to be

out decorating the lawn,

across the street!

They live by North Olmsted park

where deer groups or families 

congregate and roam freely.

This is part of a series of

photographs taken up

in the suburbs on

the “West side”

of a rock and roll

city called Cleveland!

Check out more doors ~

Here’s a host with the most,

Canada fellow blogger,

Norm Frampton:


Happy doors hunting from all over!

Thursday’s Doors ~ July in the ‘burbs


Other than running up the 

driveway and hiding behind a bush,

I was content to stand in front of

this house, aiming cellphone

at the semi – hidden door.

While trying to be 

nonchalant, not

create notice,

avoiding dog

or children

who may run to


alarming the

Neighborhood Watch!

Here’s one door which faces

the street while you enlarge the

longer distance photo, you may

imagine a door facing the

driveway, which also 

presented address #.

I hope you enjoyed 

last week’s cottage door,

while this exhibit is the 

“whole package,” with curb appeal!

For friends who love flowers and

gardens, please enjoy the last

post, but as always, no need 

to comment on both,

unless the spirit 

moves you! 
🌲 🌺 🌳

Here’s the coordinator

of our weekly doors,

Norm Frampton’s blog:


Happy Doors and Garden Hunting!