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Thursday’s Doors ~ summer means “Fun in the Sun!”


The Kona Ice truck goes to our local

hospitals, parks, and schools.

Yes, it is a symbol of summer!

No, it is still May and spring here.

I went to Ohio Health to pick 

up knee x-rays for Felicia.

There was the Kona Ice truck!

I like the piña colada flavored ice

or coffee cappuccino ice with

a squirt of vanilla added.

This is a Double Doors post!

“What?” you ask.

The “real” door where

the driver gets in and out, is

to the left. The “bamboo” door

where you imagine it opening

and allowing the Kona Penguin

to disembark makes my silly,

childish face, “Smile!”  It also

brings shaved snow cones

to my grandchildren’s

schools on certain days

where lucky kids purchase

fruit flavored juicy ices.

This is one of two door posts

and the next one had 10 adult

nurses and hospital staff,

standing in line.

Only one remained once

I mentioned, “I’m taking a picture!”

You would have giggled at how fast

they scattered, hiding behind bushes.

Here’s a jewel of a door wrangler, who

may enjoy a fruit flavored snow cone.

Please check out Norm Frampton’s

Thursday’s Doors on his blog here:


Hope you don’t mind looking at the

window with the purveyor of

frozen sugared confections.

Come on, summer! 

 ðŸ¨  ðŸŒž 🍦

 x   🍧  x

 ðŸ‰  o  ðŸ

Thursday’s Doors ~ Gallant Farm Preserve, barn door


Brrr- r!

the icy grass doesn’t indicate 

breezy and freezing temperature.

I remember my friend’s father when

she left the door to the refrigerator

saying, “Close that door!” Then, 

he would go further by adding, 

“You weren’t raised in a barn.”

Hope you will enjoy this

red barn door and go

ahead to check

more door 

links at:


That’s where you’ll meet 

Norm Frampton:

You’ll be glad you did!


Everyone had great comments 

about what seems to be a 

universal and common

expression about leaving doors open,

 which brings a scolding!

I have a dear friend, Sylvia,

who added a link in her comments:


Please stop by Sylvia’s blog, Another Day in Paradise, to see her beautiful travel photography and funny, special critters who hang out in her own back yard!

A sunny and bend in the river kind of day


This has been a place I have stood before.

Not on the edge of a precipice,

nor in the depths of a cave,

just a regular day with

sunshine, clouds

and a bend in

the river.

This is 30

years since

I chose this

town, while

probably may have 

stood here 100’s of times.

Where’s your “go to” place

to soak in some peace, 

negative ions for 

a positive effect?

Photo taken on

edge of the Olentangy 

River, by Mingo Park

where hundreds of

Years ago, the tribe

of peaceful Mingo’s

took shelter and


just as I sought

in Fall, 1986.

Two fall quotes:

~ One ~

“The golden rod is yellow,

The corn is turning brown,

The trees in apple orchards

with fruit, are bending down.”

 ~ Helen Hunt Jackson,

American poet (1830 – 1885)

Note: She led a rather short life.

~ Two ~

“No Spring nor Summer beauty

have such grace,

As I have seen in one Autumnal face.”

~ John Dunne,

English poet (1572 – 1631)

Note: Another poet who died before 60.