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Hendrix wants a backpack


Yes, Hendrix thinks he needs 

a backpack to go to school

like his big brother and

three sisters. Just in 

case this is your 1st

time visiting, my 

only son married

a divorced mom,

rescuing her and

two children. I

call their crew a

combination family.

Could you resist these

pleading eyes and wriggling

fingers, never still for very long?

No, not me! He’s going to be opening

on Saturday night at his birthday party

a Minions’ backpack full of toys,

coloring book, crayons and a

few surprises or more.

Have a wonderful weekend!






Happy Cinco de Mayo!


The cacti have a few cactus flowers,

While the bright, rosy Chihuly globe

outshines Mother Nature in this scene.

Dale Chihuly glass art pieces are

sprinkled around the World.

Some Seattle Washington 

fellow blogging friends 

have mentioned their 

exhibits are the Best!

This photograph was

taken at the Columbus, Ohio

by this blog post author at ~

Franklin Park Conservatory.

🌵  👏  Ole!  🎉  🎶

Felidades de Cinco de Mayo!

Besos y abrazos!


Plato quote:

“Always be kind, 

for everyone is fighting

a hard battle.”


Mexico fought France

for freedom on May 5, 1862.

The Battle of Puebla was won.

Eagle holding a serpent 

while perched atop a

prickly pear cactus

is on white panel

of Mexican flag.

🇲🇽 x  🇲🇽  x 🇲🇽

Thursday’s Doors ~ May 4, 2017, The Worly building


Front Street Funk,

storefront window declares.

#503 looks “Cool, mon.”

The Worly just looks like a 

“Happening place!”

This has distinction and

elements of modern and past, too.

Looks like a party is about to happen!

Here’s a cool and fascinating man,

He collects links to Thursday’s Doors.

His name is Norm Frampton and

“You ‘best’ check him out!”

Here’s your ticket to see 

more doors there:


~ ~ ~  🎶 🎶 🎶  ~ ~ ~

Funk music came about in 

the 1960’s and is attributed

to African-American roots.

I like Bruno Mars and his friends,

including Pharrell Williams’song,

“Uptown Funk.”

The building was built in 1880,

Renovated in 1995,

for businesses to lease.

50,000 square feet located 

in the Brewery District

of German Village.

For a whole other “flavor”

and “party atmosphere,”

Come on back and visit

this blog for Cinco de Mayo.

Hoy es Quatro de Mayo!

There’s the cute little end



Yay, this may be as busy as my

Christmas season posts,

Full of decorating and

pretty features to enjoy.

Happy day’s end, to

Baby Hendrix who

sat down and took

off his baggy blue

britches, revealing as I

had noted, his mustache

decorated cloth diaper cover!

Do not feel obligated to comment

over all family celebratory posts.

xoxo xoxoxo

Thanks for sharing in what may

be last of family addition’s

1st birthday party!

Three girls with selfie cam



Hailey is an honorary “cousin”

of Marley and Ivy.

This is one of several funny

photos taken by me from across

the fire station “party room.”

There are many cool framed

photographs of the squad

of fire fighters and emergency

(E.M.T) medical team members.

Meanwhile, my DIL had made several

costume pieces on straws for the

young partygoers to become

“disguised” and “unrecognizable!”

  😉     😉     😉

What is your favorite party theme?

My grandson, Skyler, said his

“Zombie Party.”

My granddaughter, Makyah,

gave her “Elsa’s Frozen Party.”

Ivy had a “Lollaloopsie” party

and her brother a “Pirate’s” theme.

The Mustachioed Brothers



Most of the kids just went outside,

But Nana asked to get one more

mustachioed picture of her

handsome grandsons,

Skyler and Micah.

No need to comment

on this or any of baby,

Hendrix’s First Birthday

party with the unlikely,

but so funny,

theme of mustaches!

~`~ ~`~ ~`~ ~`~

p.s. My grandson was

itching his mustache

and a grandpa present

mentioned to put his

hand like he were

scratching his


It sure

makes him

appear like a