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“Boys of Summer” series: Two base hit, Skyler takes off. . .


Someone special among my 

blogging community friends,

mentioned she likes to see Ohio’s

“green spaces” and I want to send a ~

“Hello to Luanne Castle!”

She’s a Michigan “girl at heart.”

(My choice of words, but we

have dolls, sewing, theater and

each of us love the Great Lakes

which hold memories for both of us.)

Check out Luanne, who not only

Won the 2015 New Mexico – Arizona 

Award for her poetry book, “Doll God,”

but also has a new kind of chapbook.

It is full of historic yarns of family, 

found through reminders in poems

and musings in her, “Kin Types.”


or visit her blog at:



Skyler’s team won in a landslide,

15 – 0, a “fourth inning shut-out.” 

Mercifully, young boys were

heading out for ice cream,

different coaches and 

parents for consolation

or in celebratory cones.


Feel free to share

favorite teams or

summer stories!

☀ 💛 🌞

Puzzles, part 2


Marley and Makyah,

my M & M grandies,

love wearing summer clothes,

despite outside freezing temperatures!

We chose one of ten puzzles left in

collection of brightly colored choices.

This one was seashells!

My first puzzle was built

of 150 pieces in only two hours

with current guy friend who bought

the multiple puzzles box for me

to share with grandchildren.

It was a bunch of kayaks! 

The second one was constructed

with my grandson, Micah of

an Italian narrow canal.

My friends who suggested

here from blogging community

the activity is like taking an

“escape vacation.” 

Their shared memories of doing 

this pastime with family in

childhood looked like fun.

I may have inspired some to

purchase a puzzle or engage

in another long forgotten activity.

Hope you are having a lovely season,

no matter which one ~  

please share how you like

to pass the time away!