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Surreal Nature


There have been some recent 

video games where colors

and fantasy terrains show

worlds  or  interiors

of surreal content:

Breath of the Wild,

Legend of Zelda,

Splatoon and


The fantasy parts

and other worlds usually

have an “earthly reference.”*
~ ~ 🤖   👾  👽 ~ ~
*This is according to my two

grandsons, Skyler and Micah.

April’s full pink moon


The moon has a slight pink tinge.

April has been given by the

Native Americans the label,

Full Pink Moon.

Seeing the attribute of pink

may seem like a stretch.

I would call it ~ 

“Everything’s coming up Rosy.”

Just can tell the weather has 

taken a turn for the better!


Moon rising over the fence,

May you shed your light into 

baby’s windows. Let it help comfort

him so he will get used to sleeping

in his own special crib. May it

bring Mommy and Daddy 

time to cuddle and dream.

Hendrix is being weaned from

breastfeeding, giving much peace 

to son and his wife who need to

feel closer. Life’s challenges have

been ones which hurt their souls.

T. C., close childhood friend 

of James, lost his will to live 

when his Dad passed away of cancer.

It is pulling the family together,

as two other deaths outside 

family did. Inside our 

hearts will beat

as One.

My bonnie lies over the ocean,

My bonnie lies over the sea,

Bring back my bonnie to me.


Lullaby and good night!






cheerful town


Noticing details in our everyday lives

can lift our spirits. Not a new concept

but still as I head through town in

my car, I see so much displayed

which cheers me up:

American flag flying,

Hanging flower pots on posts

Stone concrete “gardens” of fall flowers,

Children holding hands with parents,

Bicycle lane painted on our roads

throughout the town of Delaware.

The last days of the downtown

Farmer’s market, with gourds,

pumpkins and chrysanthemums

in purple, burgundy, gold and orange.

A small microcosm of Americana,

just part of my “world” which 

truly warms my heart!

~ robin e. o. cochran

xo   xo   xo   xo   xo   

Do you mind sharing what lifts you up?

Note: Today’s my right eye cataract surgery, so will catch up with you later this weekend.

Wildflowers send greetings



Sunny yellow wipes her brow

and salutes those who have to

work outdoors in Summer.

Pink tinted lavender fresh with

pollen and a touch of morning dew

sighs, “Hope you find a cool

place to put up your leaves

and rest your weary bones.”

The white pious daisy who

keeps her gentle nature

despite dry root conditions,

wishes for farms and gardens~

“Buckets full of sprinklings and

cooler evening temperatures!”

.~. ~. ~.

What’s up in your “neck of the woods?”

Any new changes in weather, crops

plants, insects or butterflies?


Photograph taken by Robin,

whimsical words by author,

Flowers are purple coneflowers,

Daisy and a variation of

Black-eyed Susan’s.

Thank you for

the time you

took to visit.