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Thursday’s Doors ~ Core Life, third view


This is a great, nutritious place

my youngest daughter and I met

to eat a healthy dinner.

Here’s a link to a wonderful

group I participate in,

all of us take photos of doors.

I liked our food, atmosphere

and fresh ingredients!

Outside, the blazing braziers

warmed this very chilly 

evening appearance,

really the way we

felt, warmed our


Here’s a link to a man

fellow blogger who is

also a doors lover,

Our friend and

founder of

Thursday’s Doors, 

Norm Frampton:


Happy door looking!

Have a wonderful weekend, too!

I’ll be traveling to see my Mom,

as soon as work finishes, Friday.

Thursday’s Doors ~ February 9, 2017: eating healthy restaurant


This is the side patio door!

We watched the sun go down 

and wished it were a warm day,

sitting on the deck or patio.

Here’s my Thursday’s Doors

Leader and good friend, 

Norm Frampton.

His blog has plenty of 

links to other doors 

which may lead you to 

other countries, areas or

open doors in your mind!


Happy doors to you!

Thursday’s Doors ~ Core Life restaurant


Isn’t this a cool name?

This is the side door, as I 

leave my car and head 

towards youngest daughter 

into a big hug!

Here is one of three posts, 

Different angles,


I am encouraging you to

try to eat more fresh food.

Change one or two items in

your grocery cart.

My choices are eating 

more whole grains. I am now

subbing celery and cucumbers

and dipping in yogurt dressing

or hummus!

Here’s a link to the man who 

originally founded our 

wild and crazy doors group,

Norm Fountain has links 

to more doors!


Thursday’s Doors: Kraft House #5


Met at Highbanks,

walked for over an hour,

avoided busier paths, made 

huge circle of more than our

usual three mile walk, to the 

High Banks overlook and back.

We deserved a delicious meal,

headed over to Powell, Ohio.

Looking out the front window,

Through the wooden frames 

Front door of restaurant named,

Kraft House #5.

This is a glass door framed in

sturdy wood stained a pretty tone,

adding this to the wide collection 

of Thursday’s Doors, found at

Norm Frampton’s blog: 


Please check out the organizer, Norm’s

blog to find out doors and links.

You won’t be able to look at doors,

in quite the same way!

Different angle of Thursday’s Door



I have ordered a fresh tasting

General Tso’s Chinese dish here.

My oldest daughter and her sons

ordered sushi rolls and

Thai noodles with vegetables.

We all like Crab Rangoon

and light Spring rolls.

Norm Frampton is our doors’

central location on his blog.

Check out other links, as well as

Norm’s own doors this week at:


Thank you for stopping by.

What is your favorite restaurant or

type of food you prefer to order?

Thursday’s Doors ~ Downtown reflections



Typhoon Restaurant door is

located to the right at

10 South Sandusky Street.

Above the restaurant is a downtown

“Loft” or large one-floor plan apartment,

their address is 10 1/2. This was

taken on a bright, sunny Saturday

Farmer’s Market morning.

~ ~ ~

Please check out other doors

on the Thursday’s Doors founder,

Norm Frampton’s blog:


~ ~ ~

Antique store across the street,

as well as restaurants are reflected

upon the front window and door.

It will continue for only a few

more short weeks until

Autumn’s cooler weather prevails.

Do share about your local markets

or favorite places to get fresh produce,

homemade baked goods, sunflowers

and soon~ gourds, pumpkins. . .

Looking out at a wonderful 2016. . .



This window is one which
hasn’t seen much snow
fall this year yet.

The nut and bon bon trees
are nostalgic reminders
of how we used to
decorate with so
many natural

Grape vine wreaths,
Cranberry circlets,
Candy garlands,
Popcorn strings
and chains of
colored paper

Bouquets and vases full
of evergreen branches,
potted poinsettias and
holly berry sprigs, resting
on antique tea – colored
doilies and lacy tablecloths.

~ ¤ ~ ¤ ~ ¤ ~ ¤ ~ ¤ ~

Photo taken inside the
Worthington Inn, by Robin.
Thoughts by Robin also.

As you put away the
decorations. . .

What do you have to
Christmases past?

What do you see in the
new year?