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Taking backroads


There’s a setting with pastoral tone.

Thomas Cole or Nicolas Poussin-

inspired country or rural paintings.

Awesome and warm, 

17th – 19th


Sometimes you may

drive on by, some

take these for 


When I can, 

I stop and study

as nature’s palette

is what captures

my heart.

 x  ‚̧  x

Confusing Directions 


Train yard along the entrance to 480W,

holds tanker and other railroad cars.

Parked in rows, as rush hour traffic

races past lines, those waiting

to get back on the tracks.

The nearly “U turn” 

makes you wonder,

Does anybody really know

which direction we are heading?

Which doesn’t directly correlate

or coordinate with Chicago’s

group who sang so much

to the confusion of the

period or “times:”

 “Does Anybody Really Know

What Time It Is?”

Thursday’s Doors ~ barn at the curve of the road


Not sure if you would find bales of hay,

straw or just farm equipment 

“behind the barn door.”

You may know local farms

have fields of soybeans

starting to show green.

This barn door may

also have a piece of

plywood leaning 

against it.

Here is a great link 

to Thursday’s Doors 

post founder,

Norm Frampton at:


Have fun seeking doors through

these internet bloggers’ links!

Road Trip: #6 favorite



Not sure if anyone will like this

photograph taken from the

passenger seat of my youngest

daughter’s car, after seeing the

riveting and powerful film,

“The Danish Girl.”

We were heading to the healthy

food serving restaurant, North Star,

in hopes to counteract

“not so healthy”

buttered popcorn.

Road Trip: #5 favorite



Where are you going?

Which way do you plan to head?

Will you be in the wild blue yonder?

Am I chasing you or are you

turning around for me?

Doesn’t take much to

confuse me!

\  /  \  /  \  /

<<  >>

Happy Earth Day!

Tonight, enjoy the
Full Pink Moon.

This is my 5th
road trip photo
of the early April
series. If you have
a favorite, let me know!

Take care!
Drive safely!

Hope you have
a great time on
your pathways,
in your travels,
this month.

Not following the map,
going “off the grid” and
in my own direction.


Road Trip: #4 favorite



Sun setting in distance

Gray, blue streaks

Big splashes of Puffs

of clouds.

Pastels above,

Deeper colors


the spaces,


and distances

we all pass through

whether in




or Virtual reality.

\   \   \   \   \   \

/   /   /   /   /   /

Where have you

been lately?

Photo by Robin,
car trip thoughts
to spur on dialogue.
Please share a thought
or location in response.

Road Trip: #3 favorite



Truck stop with

white jewel lights.

Colored canvas

of the sky ~

splashes of




and orange sherbet.

On the road from

here to there,

all sorts of road travelers,

renegades, warriors and

peacemakers or pacemakers.

+. +. +. +. +.
Please note,
In my comments
Maniparna added
“the colored canvas
of the sky” part.
Today she posted
with ice covered plant
and used a metaphor
for icy cold relations.
Her post may be found at:


Photograph from
“On the road”
taken by Robin,
stop for gas leads
to ponderings.