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Thursday’s Doors ~ summer means “Fun in the Sun!”


The Kona Ice truck goes to our local

hospitals, parks, and schools.

Yes, it is a symbol of summer!

No, it is still May and spring here.

I went to Ohio Health to pick 

up knee x-rays for Felicia.

There was the Kona Ice truck!

I like the piña colada flavored ice

or coffee cappuccino ice with

a squirt of vanilla added.

This is a Double Doors post!

“What?” you ask.

The “real” door where

the driver gets in and out, is

to the left. The “bamboo” door

where you imagine it opening

and allowing the Kona Penguin

to disembark makes my silly,

childish face, “Smile!”  It also

brings shaved snow cones

to my grandchildren’s

schools on certain days

where lucky kids purchase

fruit flavored juicy ices.

This is one of two door posts

and the next one had 10 adult

nurses and hospital staff,

standing in line.

Only one remained once

I mentioned, “I’m taking a picture!”

You would have giggled at how fast

they scattered, hiding behind bushes.

Here’s a jewel of a door wrangler, who

may enjoy a fruit flavored snow cone.

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Hope you don’t mind looking at the

window with the purveyor of

frozen sugared confections.

Come on, summer! 

 ðŸ¨  ðŸŒž 🍦

 x   🍧  x

 ðŸ‰  o  ðŸ

Educational tree, Woodward Elementary School


Examining the words, 

it took some time to~

~ Read,

~ Process,

~ Understand

~ Put into action.

Here are the Wall Mural’s words:

“Sharpen the Saw”


“Seek first to Understand,

Then to be Understood”

“Think  Win-Win” 

“Put first things first”

“Begin with the end in mind”


“Be Proactive.”


Author’s Interpretation

~ Robin 

I liked the concept of a tree to hang

words on, growing and searching.

Then building from roots and

using branches as scaffolds.

I like also idea of stretching,

growing,  gathering  strength. 

In a tree’s lifetime, it must

rely upon sun, water and air.

What did you learn from the 

teacher who may have painted this?

Thursdays Door’s: School Days


There are two different grades,

I was in fifth grade,

Randy was in fourth grade

at Chestnut Elementary School,

in North Olmsted, Ohio.

We were both wearing those

“Nerdy glasses,”

in those days.

He hated his teacher,

Mr. Dill, who was rather creepy

putting girls in their short skirts

in the front row of his classroom.

Did I hear of any lawsuits or

notice any changes from

when some of my friends

had him till we moved away? 

While we were in N.O. junior high, 

our baby brother was there. 

When we moved to Bay Village,

it was more due to our not

being wild in a development

where pre-teens had started to

shop lift and vandalize new

houses being built.

This is another interesting

art piece, possibly “Americana.”

It holds a “dirty little secret.”

So to me, friend to a girl who was

inappropriately touched, the

Red border tells a story.

While Randy and I felt

weird about no disciplinary

or legal actions taken.

Red = Danger!


This Thursday’s Doors is part of

an awesome collection of doors.

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Please check them out

and hope you will~

Join us someday!

Here’s Norm!


Enjoy the Thursday’s Doors tour!


Photo by Robin,
Art by Randy Oldrieve,
my artist brother.

Ashley, Ohio: historical mural, Part 3



Each child was given a piece

of modeling clay to be made

into self-portraits, while

they learned it is a big

challenge to use tiny

marks to resemble

their own mouths,

eyes and ears.

Once fired up

with initials

on back,

Each child

were given

blank blocks

to paint with glazes,

creating “selfies,”

formed for posterity.


The school, school bus

and other parts of the art mural

were created by two artists,

and a fantastic teacher who

requested Ohio grant for an

Artist in Resident,

this is one of last

“Pieces of the Ashley, Ohio

Historical Art Mural.”

Thanks for viewing!


Ashley is a county village,

it’s schools are part of

Delaware County Schools.

My grandies go to

Delaware City Schools,

we are called the “County Seat.”

but each of their schools

also have a mural consisting

of broken crockery, bits of

mirrors, ceramic and clay pieces.

Thursday’s Doors ~ March 31, 2016: Closing a school



The trio of arches protect three doors

in this photograph. They are each

painted black over solid metal

doors. The antique scroll designs

below some windows have cream

stonework displaying intricate


This is a sturdy building labeled,

Frank B. Willis High School.

This building which has

withstood the

“Test of Time,”

over the years

until recently.

List of current dangers and

drawbacks are numerous.

Poor inner conditions, fire hazards,

limited classroom spaces mean

this building will need to become

an office building for adults.

Dangerous areas will either be

Repaired or blocked off.

Fifth graders will have their final

elementary school experience

back where they attended their

Primary grade levels.

This building for many years was

Delaware, Ohio’s high school.

When I moved to this town in

1986, it had become a middle

school where I substituted.

The cost for daycare, before

and after school for my family,

ages 6, 4 and 9 months old,

was too high to continue teaching.

I applied for full time positions but

did not have any particular staff

nor administrator~

“Who knew me.”

Happily, I started a professional

babysitting program, attracting

two full-time families and an

“Open space” for guests.

I did this caretaking

for nine summers and

seven full school years.

When I returned to subbing,

I lasted a year and took some

Activities Director courses at

Columbus State Community College.

Four years of this, once again turned

to education becoming

an Early Intervention

preschool teacher.

This school will close its doors

to students, at end of

2015 – 2016

school year.

All 3 of my Grown children

expressed a certain

amount of regret.

Jamie had played in a spoon band

called, “Tipping Cows,”

on Willis’ wooden stage.

His two stepkids,

Lara and Landen,

plus Marley

have sung


Oldest daughter

recalled recently the

theater productions she

had assisted with set design

and building, along with applying

makeup to middle school actors.

Youngest daughter remembers

the annual talent show try-outs,

the fun times of practicing being

like “Charlie’s Angels” (remake)

and Destiny’s Child (lip-synching).


There are two moldy large stone

Scrolls which have antiquated

Quotes on either end of

Willis middle school.

They are interesting to me:

~ One ~


~ Two ~


This rambling Thursday’s Doors

post is part of a weekly challenge

to take photos of unusual,

interesting and historic doors.

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