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April’s full pink moon


The moon has a slight pink tinge.

April has been given by the

Native Americans the label,

Full Pink Moon.

Seeing the attribute of pink

may seem like a stretch.

I would call it ~ 

“Everything’s coming up Rosy.”

Just can tell the weather has 

taken a turn for the better!


Moon rising over the fence,

May you shed your light into 

baby’s windows. Let it help comfort

him so he will get used to sleeping

in his own special crib. May it

bring Mommy and Daddy 

time to cuddle and dream.

Hendrix is being weaned from

breastfeeding, giving much peace 

to son and his wife who need to

feel closer. Life’s challenges have

been ones which hurt their souls.

T. C., close childhood friend 

of James, lost his will to live 

when his Dad passed away of cancer.

It is pulling the family together,

as two other deaths outside 

family did. Inside our 

hearts will beat

as One.

My bonnie lies over the ocean,

My bonnie lies over the sea,

Bring back my bonnie to me.


Lullaby and good night!






Shot through the heart. . .


This right hand jet stream trailing

downwards, reminds me of a

“flaming arrow.”

 Feathery  feelings  float

and flutter on a whole 

different level.

This evokes thoughts 

of how different two 

people can be. 

One was raised

 be forthright and direct. 

Other protects his

heart while 


arrows of



The song with same title

as the post written today is,

“Shot through the Heart”

came out in 1984. 

The one I think of 

and know the lyrics is called,

“You Give Love a Bad Name.”

This was related in lyrics by

repeating within chorus the line,

‘shot through the heart,’ (1986).

Both are Bon Jovi songs. Band

member, Richie Samboro 

and Desmond Child

co-wrote 2nd song

with Bon Jovi.


Winter’s emerging pale colors


Gray, slate blue, baby blue

~~~ Skies ~~~

Swath of peach melba,

just enough to barely see.

Grainy green, scratchy tan grass.

Branches reaching, touching

corner of brilliant pine green.

Just a thought or two to

set your mind at ease.

Mild weather with

no storms ahead.

~ by reocochran xo

Sweet Caroline lyrics:

(Neil Diamond)

“Touching me,

Touching you.”

Happy birthday

dear Feb. 12th

famous people:

Abraham Lincoln,

Charles Darwin,

Lorne Greene,

Arsenio Hall!

(and others.)

🎂    🍾    🎁    

Storm’s  a’brewing


The billowing, 



are preparing

to let loose of 

snow, sleet or rain.

This great photograph

was sent to me from my son,

James Matthew. 

My family think of me,

from years of watching clouds

While we either laid on a picnic

blanket or our beach towels,

during swimming pool 

breaks or rest periods.

Are you able to “read” 

upcoming weather conditions?

Awe-inspiring sky


We will have had a Christmas Eve “day”

meal together, my family and I.

The busiest household asked 

me to take a few children

off their hands since


Santa is coming tonight!

xo   🙂   xo

“Twas the night before Christmas,

when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring,

not even a mouse. . .”


The author, Dr. Clement C. Moore,

was born in New York in 1779.

One of his major writing

contributions to literature

and learning is the book,

“Hebrew and English Lexicon.”

Note that this is surpassed

in numbers of people who

read and enjoy his poem

which I started this post

with, originally titled:

“A Visit from St. Nicholas.”


I adore the illustrations in my

little book drawn by artist,

Arthur Rackham.

He was born in

1867, with his final

illustrating endeavor found

in “The Wind and the Willows.”


May your weekend be joyful,

as you celebrate, let it be merry.

Those who still believe 

in Santa and magic, 

wishing you  the most 

Jolly Holiday ever!

Layers of cloud blankets


From deep blue, frigid air leads into

grays and then strands of cobalt.

Golden lights filtering, flickering

reach warmth of the falling Sun.

The arrows of my Love 

will try to pierce through 

your thick armour.

I cannot help but hope 

cool distance breaks down 

in my warmth extended.

Red sparkles in evergreen tree,

display sparks from my 

hopeful arrows, 

lighting up, 


your Past to

create a 




This is an original love poem by~

Robin O. Cochran

There’s colors in the sky!


The silhouettes of trees,

large swipes of gold, yellow,

peach, orange, red, indigo violet 

and blues blended with grays,

all created it’s own sense 

of  dramatic  flair.

I am not sure how 

easy it may be to see, 

but there was the shadow of 

the moon and the light of the sun.

If you are not able to see this in the

middle top section, well maybe the

sky and my eyes are playing 

“tricks” on me!

In my defense,

I was wearing sunglasses.


Edith Wharton, author of

many books led a colorful life,

married to a sickly and depressed man.

She lived in a beautiful estate called 

the Mount. You may enjoy a tour

in Lenox, Massachusetts.

When she sought out intellectual 

stimulation, she found company

in a fellow writer and journalist.

She divorced her husband and

spent time with Fullerton of The Times.

She had been nominated for several

awards including the Nobel Prize for

literature three years in a row.

Edith won the Pulitzer Prize

for “The Age of Innocence.”

I read this and “Ethan Frome.”

I did not realize she wrote design

books and non-fiction books.

(Interior and Garden Designs)

I like this quotation from 

Edith Wharton:

“In spite of illness,

in spite of the archenemy sorrow,

one can remain alive long past

the usual date of disintegration

If one is unafraid of change,

insatiable in intellectual curiosity,

interested in big things 

and happy in small ways.”


What big stuff is happening

and/or what small things 

make you happy?