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Thursday’s Doors ~ Hamburger Inn Diner, (full view)


This is a popular local diner,

Hamburger Inn Diner.

Located at 

16 North Sandusky Street

Delaware, Ohio  43015.

Established in 1932,

Open all night on Friday and Saturday!

A favorite place for college students,

Local “townies” who meet their 

friends and family members.

When I arrived in this

small town, I had read a

Grumpy Gourmet review,

where he recommended the 

sliced home fries, topped with

fried onions and American cheese.

He added the homemade maple rolls

freshly baked will melt in your mouth.

Black Angus hamburgers with freshly

handcut fries are delicious.

You may like a slice of 

homemade pies or a

tasty ice cream milk shake.

It is worth the wait!

Please stop by this blog, written

by a leader in his own door pursuits:

Norm Frampton’s 

Thursday’s Doors.


Hope you will find your own place

that serves up delicious food with

a sense of hometown pride.

Many come from afar, so 

if you get a “hankering”

for this 85 year old

diner fare,

Let me know~

I’ll meet you there!

Thursday’s Doors ~ Creative Foundations


This is Groundhog’s Day

and Thursday’s Doors day, too.

In honor of “combination day” 

moments, Micah is showing 

you one of the side doors 

for Creative Foundations.

He made a foam material visor 

with letters of his name, 

adding the “glitz” which was

spread all over long tables,

sprinkled liberally, with

necessary glue sticks.

Music was playing while adults 

with Developmental Disabilities,

some sitting in wheelchairs,

others “giving tours” to

inspect piles of art

and hanging up. 

Everyone enthusiastically 

talking or greeting each person 

stopping into “their workshop.”

So, Micah smiled, nodded as

he glued stars, flower 

and a crescent moon

onto his visor.

The clients were joyous 

and told him,

“That’s the BEST hat 

we saw decorated today!”

He whispered, as such a

wise seven year old here,

“We can tip them, can’t we?”

I handed him some money

and he flourished it,

waving to all a “farewell”

and dropped money into

a glass fishbowl.

He thinks (seriously) 

said visor


Oh, I tried using my

Nana power to get him 

to pull visor up, so you could 

see his long lashes and 

adorable brown eyes.

This is where I commissioned

a white dandelion painting 

which turned out to be a

gray swirled rose by

a client here.

*Still hanging at 

youngest daughter’s

German Village apartment.

Does anyone remember Amber?

She says her “specialty” these 

days are pet paintings!

Cats, dogs, hamsters and

cute, fluffy rabbits.

If you would like to visit this place

and purchase reasonably priced

art which helps these special

adults, stop by this building,

57 North Sandusky Street

Delaware, Ohio 43015

x x x x x x x x x x

We have a blogging community

Of Thursday’s Doors, led by

a genuinely nice friend,

Norm Frampton.

Please follow this 

Link to see the 

fantastic family 

of door afficiados at:


Happy trails to doors!

May they always be 

Open and welcoming!

Thursday’s Doors ~ 1/26/17, part 3


This is the corner location

of the Espresso Bar

with amazing 


Coffeeology, where 

Winter Street crosses

Sandusky Street,




The 3 parts make a

whole different kind

of coffee shop,



Please check out

more links to doors

found at:


Thank you to our host:

Norm Frampton!

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Final quotation
Subject: Coffee!

“Coffee is a lot more than 

just a drink; it’s something happening.

Not as in hip, but like an event,

a place to be, but not like a location, 

but like somewhere within yourself.

It gives you time, but not actual

hours or minutes, but a chance

to be, like be yourself and

have a second cup of coffee.”

~ Gertrude Stein,


Happy Thursday

and upcoming weekend!


Thursday’s Doors ~ December 22, 2016 (close up)


You may remember another shop

which was featured in the Fall.

It was a shop connected in this

grand brick building, separated 

by interior walls with several

places. The Choffey’s coffee

and tea shop with decadent

chocolates is on the left

of  this  florist shop.

It’s hard to capture,

showing how each

has its individual


This door in an 

older brick building

has fun with both formal 

and informal floral

holiday arrangements.

This is part of a series of doors,

with a link here to the founder,

Norm Frampton and his followers:


Thursday’s Doors ~ December 22, 2016 (floral shop)


“Shop local”

in your small or medium town,

keep the sales tax in your county.

Help your neighbors and downtown

area stay open and love lively!

First Friday, in our small town,

had hundreds of local people 

singing carols, some dressed 

in antique Edwardian English

style garb, costumes or

winter clothing as

there were luminaries

paper bags or plastic jugs

with candles lit and metal barrels

full of kindling and pine cone 

aroma radiating from their

hissing and crackling

warm, cozy flames.

Shoppers greeting,

children laughing

as each one visualized

a bright and merry season.


Her is a link to other

fellow Thursday’s Doors,

those who keep an eye out

for something special to

weekly share!


Happy Holidays to you!


Thursday’s Doors ~ OWU Stuyvesant Hall (full shot)



Sunshine and bright weather coaxed

me to take a leisurely walk through

campus. This building has been

irresistible to me since I arrived!

I like the 1930 construction but feel

its stately appearance imitates early

Colonial period and feel it

truly is conducive to learning.

It houses 237 students within its walls.

Here are some of interesting facts

about Stuyvesant Hall, the largest

dormitory at Ohio Wesleyan University:

~ There are three wings which have 

“suites”  on co-ed floors, same sex

roommates in each suite, four

students in total occupancy.

Two rooms connected with one shared 

bathroom and two shared closets,

one in each double room.

~The building has a bell tower, one

elevator to accommodate handicapped,

nice courtyard and an original “smoking

lounge” with a stage and occupancy of

up to 100 people in the audience.

This lounge and communal area

has been called since it was built,

“The Milligan Hub.”

~ The entire building’s nickname

is affectionately known as “The Sty.”

(Wonder if any of the rooms look

like my grown teenager’s “pig sties?”)

Casual performances occur here, small

concerts and plays.

~There is a much larger auditorium in 

Chappelier Theater on Park Avenue.

The largest venue on campus is

located in my “neighbor’s” Gray Chapel.

(You may remember my December

post or my “castle in  winter” you

may see from my apt. front porch.)

~ This dormitory’s only Sophomores,

Juniors or Seniors allowed.

~ There are large study rooms

located on each floor, along with

one trash room for every floor.

~ There is only one eating area with

kitchen appliances and microwaves

on the central area of the building.

~ I was surprised to read there is only

one vending machine area located in

the only laundry room.

~ There are 6 resident advisors with

two supervisory staff for the dorm.

~ Stuyvesant has its own Student

Health Center. This should reassure

the students’ parents!

This D
ormitory Hall and it’s doors

which don’t face the front, is part

of Norm Frampton’s Thursday’s Doors,

please follow the link to view wonderful

group of fellow blogging participants at:


Thanks for looking at the front view,

as well as the full view of

Stuyvesant Hall.

Hope you enjoyed living vicariously

through this post in what I consider

the prettiest dormitory ever.

*This is not a paid endorsement

nor did I attend college here.

I chose for my family to move to this

town due to the attractive and

busy downtown area and

it’s being a college town.*

Did you ever move somewhere

not knowing a single person?

It amazes me that three of my old

high school classmates of 1974

from Cleveland suburb ended up

here, only finding this out after a

living here a few years later.

Mr. Martin is still going strong:



Martin’s Shoe Repair Shop
located at 28 West Winter St.

This street crosses
our “main road”
Sandusky Street.

Mr. Martin has repaired much
more than shoes for my
family, over the 30
years I have been
living here.

If I were older or
he were younger,
I would call
Mr. Martin,

A purse I dearly loved needed
a way to keep the strap on.

I told him I had no preference
nor vision of how it might look
upon my return.
I sometimes, to be safe and
clear with a budget will
suggest my
“Ball park figure.”
How much I will be
able to afford.
No sense in having
the cost go above
this amount.

I stated, quietly, the
first time I went
to Mr. Martin,
“I probably
could pay
you $20.”

He nodded
his head
and then
pointed to
a shelf full
of stuff,
sort of a
waste of
time on
his part,
due to cost
being above

This man upon being
asked, approves
of being called,
African American.

Mr. Martin says this
accurately expresses
those of his family’s
Roots and Heritage.

Mr. Martin likes my
upfront attitude and
actually met my 3 kids
plus the 5 “wards,” my
babysitting clients.

We looked like either the
Von Trapp Family Singers
or Cheaper by the Dozen.
In those first nine years
after we came to Delaware.

I has proudly told him I took
care of my children with the
Children’s parents paying me,
along with my child support.
No public assistance but
“Bartering” repaired cars,
Received free hair cuts
and a sundry of items.
I could offer house
cleaning, babysitting
and art work.

One year I created
for one of my
“Clients” their
Christmas card.
I received two
hair cuts.

Another time,
I babysat for
two weekends
of date escapes
for my 45 record
player repaired.

Mr. Martin admired
my entrepreneur
“Spirit” and called
me, “Spunky.”

Here is a list of many
more leather items
my acquaintance,
“The Shoe Cobbler,”
has repaired over
the years:

Purse strap
Purse zipper
Luggage strap
Camera case strap,
. . . . . . . Etc. . . . . . .

His shop is located two
doors down from
Bun’s Restaurant.

This place serves German
food along with a variety
of international foods,
has been featured in
“Bon Appétit”
This has
To Martin’s
Shoe Repair
Shop business.

Martin has another
neighbor which brings
purchasing traffic:

If you look closely
you may spy the sign for,
Robinson’s Funeral Home.

: : : :

A fellow blogger commented
on the very same day I
posted my first shop
post, downtown
view of where
I live, a post
“Twentieth Century Saturday,”
where she did errands on
foot, walking to places,
on her blog at: