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Randy’s truck mural finished


Saucy Brew Works is in Cleveland, Ohio

~ a new restaurant, tavern and brewery.

Hopefully, someday you will taste

their canned beverages at your

“local watering hole.” Or be

able to see their name among

the other fine beverages

sold locally in your area.

Maybe they will have

their brews “on tap.”

🍺 🍻 🍺

You may see the door in this

truck mural and if you were

inside standing in the hallway 

leading to the restrooms, 

you might consider 

going outside, 

the music may be loud, 

the cellphone reception 

within this transformed old

warehouse may not allow

you to hear the person

on the line. Anyway,

just walk outside

and take this ALL in,

70 feet long painting.

It’s not one which is aesthetic

for a home or office, but it is

quite impressive. Hard to not

be proud of the real sweat,

aches and pains it took 

to complete this mural.

If you are on Facebook,

my brother is Randy

or Randall D. Oldrieve.

There’s a large amount of art 

to view, in his open domain area.

Otherwise, I post these not to 

promote the restaurant nor

the brewery which has great

ales, beers and stouts. It is

to share some art and smile 

in relief: It’s completed!

Yay, now go relax.

Coming soon:

the canning line

will be featured!

The back of S B W initials, looking in on the opening party


I met the welder of this metal

initials sign,

S B W.

It was like a 

Piece of artwork

an icon to become,

 Saucy Brew Works.

The welder was so excited to see 

both front and back perspectives.

Hope this isn’t putting 

anyone to sleep!

Home late,

after midnight.

In front of the brewery, Saucy Brew Works


The bar servers were happy 

to gather together,

even though quite

a Rush on ales,

beers, and stouts!

Under the letters:

S B W.

This is the front of the

Restaurant/ Tavern / Brewery

called Saucy Brew Works.

At least they didn’t have

to carry trays of exotic pizzas!

Glamorous interior of the restrooms at Saucy Brew Works


Better than expected!

The inside or behind the 

humorous restroom doors

surprised Randy’s friend,

Cathy and me!

Definitely nicer

than industrial setting!

We were only wishing to add 

a wall hanging or planter inside.

Thanks for checking this out!

Have a wonderful weekend. 

Cheers to all!

🍻  🍺  🍻

Thursday door ~ Saucy Brew Works, (women’s restroom)


This is one of a few posts

from an exciting night and

opportunity for my brother,

Artist Randy.

This is a bathroom for the women 

which wasn’t painted by my brother.

The painting of large warehouse door,

along with a symbol for “saucy,”

will be displayed. Another time,

very soon, I will post photos

of an amazing group including

investors, brewmaster and guests

at what was called the 

“Soft Opening” before the

public’s “Grand Opening.”

I was able to attend, Randy

extended his invitation to also

include his friend, Randy and

a nice lady friend named Cathy.

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Hope you find several fun, 

many serious, elegant 

and  creative

Doors there! 

Thursday door ~ Saucy Brew Works, (men’s room)


This is the door to a new 

Cleveland, Ohio

restaurant, tavern, brewery’s

Men’s restroom.

Happy to hear this has a 

baby changing table.

Randy did a huge mural on the

industrial garage door,

will display in a few 

different ways.

It is called 

Saucy Brew Works.

🍺  🍻  🍺

The “soft opening” was exciting 

and delicious in my white stout which

had a chocolate flavored “finish.”

Of course, I will overdo my posts,

since you will wish to join the party!

This door is part of a series hosted

by Norm Frampton called

Thursday doors.

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No need to comment on all four! 😊

Tennessee Spring Serenade by Randy


Randy was teaching people who

like taking Art lessons at a bar.

Cleveland has both the

Fatheads’ Brewery,

where the drafts

are concocted,

as well as their

namesake’s restaurant

and grille. I have a younger

friend and budding artist,

Michelle, who has traveled

with what she jokingly calls,

“My entourage.” They liked 

painting a famous bridge with

lessons from artist in West Virginia.

They paid ahead for the lesson,

made reservations online for

overnight accommodations.

It becomes an adventure 

destination art lesson.

Their bridge paintings turned

out dramatic and stunning.

Black bridge, purple night

sky with yellow street

lamps dotting the bridge.

When I showed her what 

steps and lessons that Randy

was doing: First a lighter layer,

splashes of paint, almost

like a patchwork quilt.

Then, adding details over the

top of the primary layer.

They use for inspiration an

enlarged photograph taken at 

Tennessee truck stop by Randy.
The taproom of drinking artists

created a variety of canvases

of colorful trees recently.

Lastly, using a tool, scratching

through to the first layer to

add movement and “flair.”

Do you notice the lighter colors 

peeking out as lines and squiggles?

Michelle and her “gal pals”

may just show up to one

of Randy’s “classes” yet!


Randall D. Oldrieve is my brother,

art at bars and taverns is a big

Fad in larger communities.