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Happy Bunny Day: Love somebunny today!


This goes out to people who 

are of any or no faith, 

sending hugs and 

jelly bean kisses

to all and hope

you have fun!

Go ahead hop on

over to your




house with a 

floral bouquet or

a basket of candy!

🌈  ❤  💐

Spring and Easter message:

“One touch of nature makes

the whole world kin.”

~ William Shakespeare,

English playwright

and Dramatist,

(1564 – 1616)

Thursday’s Doors ~ Old athletic building door



The doorway arch made of

blue limestone is weathered

and has the patterns found

among many original OWU

campus buildings.


Double doors,

Tan outside,

Red inside.

Branch Rickey was

in my mind a label

for a building with

an educational branch.

Little did I realize that it

was about a real man,

a famous coach,

athlete in his youth

and physical education

professor at OWU.

History revealed itself,

when the movie grand

opening, with famous

guests arriving.

Family members of

both Branch Rickey

and his own discovery,

baseball player,

Jackie Robinson.

This shining light from

the past happened a few

years ago, but with my younger

brother, I was illuminated again.

He was from out of town visiting,

we walked around campus in

the dark taking photographs

and talking about segregation,

prejudice and angry vitriol in

our country and national politics.

Makes us both think out loud,

Lyrics from Pete Seeger’s 1955

first edition of a peace folk song,

“Where Have All the Flowers Gone?”

The stanza which stands out,

just as powerful as when it

came out on a 45 record in 1962,

“When will they ever learn?”

This door is a part of a weekly

program called, “Thursday’s Doors”

initiated by Norm Frampton.

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Photo of door,
athletic building
campus of
Ohio Wesleyan University.

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Thoughts about the
meaning of brotherhood,
found sometimes in Life,
athletics and needing a
new peaceful revolution,
shared between Robin
and brother, Richard.