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Winter’s emerging pale colors


Gray, slate blue, baby blue

~~~ Skies ~~~

Swath of peach melba,

just enough to barely see.

Grainy green, scratchy tan grass.

Branches reaching, touching

corner of brilliant pine green.

Just a thought or two to

set your mind at ease.

Mild weather with

no storms ahead.

~ by reocochran xo

Sweet Caroline lyrics:

(Neil Diamond)

“Touching me,

Touching you.”

Happy birthday

dear Feb. 12th

famous people:

Abraham Lincoln,

Charles Darwin,

Lorne Greene,

Arsenio Hall!

(and others.)

🎂    🍾    🎁    

Thursday’s Doors ~ December 15, 2016, Side View


This lengthy side room,

with multiple paned windows

capture my rapt attention as I drove

past it to meet my youngest daughter

at the Whitney House for lunch.

Worthington, Ohio is where I

shared a precious, special

antique looking window

of the Worthington Inn

last Christmas holiday.

I hope there will be a choice

below the friends who like

thus post, where you may

be whisked away to a

different time period

since last year I went

“All Out” in my door-

chasing escapades!

Happy viewing of other

Thursday’s Doors with

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Thursday’s Doors ~ December 1, 2016


Although this doors post is straddling

the distance between Thanksgiving

and Christmas, I felt the decorations

were colorful and creatively presented.

This home is a bed and breakfast,

The Winter Street Inn.

Four choices of rooms,

each named after famous resident,

with carriage house providing

largest room for guests. 

Reasonably priced, 

starting at $145.

The historical landmark 

plaque earning its distinction

in time and care taken.

This Thursday’s Doors

is part of a collection

of door aficionados,

led by an able leader,

Norm Frampton.

Please check out other doors,

in various locations and forms at:


Hope you will have a lovely 

and special December!