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Blazing skies


There are curses heard, 

Some under their breaths,

Then ones right out loud.

Yes, this is the curved road

or driveway heading towards work.

A place which is antiquated,

used to have a railway entrance,

can see the trails of metal rails

along the edge, the side of the

building where the “dungeon,”

the aerosol room or the

“bomb shelter,” as it still remains

named by the older workers.

My dear friend, Bill, who many may 

remember took me to see the areas

of Ohio where nature preserves, 

echers, waterfalls and landmarks,

both in cemeteries and tallest

“mountain” (biggest hill) 

Ohio is. There are posts 

which start with the one titled,

“The Man My Daughter Knew First.”

Then we travelled in his little, 

old red pick-up truck to the

caves of Kentucky, the river and

speed racing area of Madison,

the high Clifty Falls of Indiana

and the UP as well as the lovely,

Fairy tale town of Charlevoix,

Michigan where my first college

dormitory friend and Maid of Honor

spends her Spring through Fall, 

the dreaded “Hurricane Season.”

(She spends her late Autumn,

Winter and early Spring in

Long Beach, Mississippi.)

 Yes, to Castle Farms and road trips!

~  **  ~

We were standing at the time clock,

Bill and I, recently. He was clocking

out of a long, sweaty night, as I was

(Unfortunately) clocking in.

I asked him, this being only his 

second place of employment,

after over Forty Years here,

“What in the world had possibly

caused you to stay here, of all places?”

He chuckled and whispered,

“I liked the people,

It paid my family’s bills,

I still count about five people here,

(showing me his big, right hand)

Who have made me feel like

I had the best life ever,

Who still work here.”

I sighed, thinking about my

joyous preschool teaching days,

middle school Language Arts days,

and I smiled at my dear sister in law’s

words which moved me forward 

in this line of people, taking

my name tag with its

microchip inside

and I clocked in.

Susan is a very



(and Dean!)

who reminds me:

“You get paid to work out, Robin.” 

Ha ha ha!

  🙂    🙂

Morning allegiance



Outside work entrance,

Having made it past the

Guard shack, looking at

the flag, still and quiet.

Always like when it blows,

proudly unfurling and waving

to the workers as they head into

the auto parts warehouse.

Today is Labor Day,

we “earned” our day off by

working 48 hours last week!

We aren’t a “union” warehouse,

nor are we likely to try and

throw a strike. Just regular

people trying to make a “living.”

Many are my friends after our

eight years of hot summers

and relieved when cooler weather

comes, since shorter days.

Tell us your hardest job ever,

in honor of those who “labor”

or “labour” valiantly through their

shifts ~ Which was worse?

A night job, day job or second

(in-between) shift? There are

nurses, doctors, electricians

and street department workers

who struggle through extra or

longer shifts called “doubles.”

Did I leave anyone out?

Hope you may be part of the

relaxed group who have

Labor Day ~ OFF!

September 5, 2016.

If you live in a country which doesn’t

celebrate a day off by honoring

workers, sending you smiles

and encouragement. xo