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Thursday’s Doors ~ book box, part 2


This book box is one of many

independent, fun borrowing 

stations located around our 

small town of Delaware, Ohio.

I’m sure there are some many

places across the country. I’m

not sure of their names or if

there is a movement or 

trend, when it started

and where it began?

Maybe there is a 

website or a founder

who came up with this

concept which is meaningful.

Books connect us and were our

first places to inform us of 

imaginary worlds, taking 

us across oceans and

into homes, museums

and so much more!

Fill in some blanks,

if you know more about

this borrowing book box!

Here’s a much appreciated man,

Norm Frampton, 


Go to Norm’s blog which has 

blue frog links to other 

diverse doors, 

ones close to you 

or far away! 

🌍 * 🌐 * 🌎 * 🌐 * 🌏

Where are we heading?



“How can we get there from here?”

by Robin O. Cochran


The Old Norfolk railroad trestle

made me think of our country’s

uneasy emotional climate.

I pondered how

“all over the place”

we have been for several

days, months and years.

Have we or will we

Ever Recover

from 9/11, Rodney King

or recent horrendous acts?

All I must say is we need to

be vigilant of our words

and our actions. . .


Because children and young adults

are watching how we behave.


I would like us to take the song,

“Under Pressure,”

(Freddie Mercury,

David Bowie)

Lyrics into consideration:

“Can’t we give ourselves

One more chance?

Why can’t we give ourselves

One more chance?

Why can’t we give Love?

Why can’t we give Love?

Why can’t we give Love?

Why can’t we give Love?

Why can’t we give Love?

Love’s such an old fashioned word

and love dares you to care for

the people on the edge

of the night and

Love dares you to change

our ways of caring

about ourselves.

This is our last dance,

This is our last dance,

This is ourselves~

Under pressure,

Under pressure,


These words are heard

often, but I think we take

it to mean as individuals

instead of societal pressure.