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Summer rissoto with salad shared


This meal was shared with 

my youngest daughter,

Felicia. We ordered 

the house salad,

greens, pecans,

blue cheese,

and maple


The summer rissoto

has colorful flower petals

as well as whole grains and

three cheese’s included.

I ordered the fancy bourbon

drink and Felicia ordered a

merlot or other red wine.

Sharing a meal makes

you feel “righteous,”

sometimes we eat

Dessert next!

A flight of rose wines



The Wine Bistro

appeared idyllic and

so romantic, as I was

waiting on my youngest

daughter and her guy, Jerry.

Why am I always seemingly,

the “third wheel?”

“Does this translate in all

languages?,” I wondered.

I haven’t addressed this lately. . .

the blog’s name was, after all,

once upon a time the indicator

of some mighty interesting and

strange online dating adventures.

Recently, I have “whispered” of my

seeing a new man. It seems rather

foolish “to make too big of a deal.”

He has kids around age of my

grandchildren but isn’t as

young as he could be.

Anyway, not quite time

to “double date” yet.

We discussed movies,

golfing, work and new


My feelings are still


🙂 🙂

Here are the three

“flights, small tastes”

of rose wines which

went from light rose,

medium body rose

to the darker rose.

#1 ~

Pilot Noir Rose
(Vin de France)
Light, crisp with the fruits
of watermelon and strawberry.

#2 ~

El Coto,
Tempranillo Rose
(Rioja, Spain)
Tangy, slight tart flavors
of fruits of berries
and herb aftertaste.

#3 ~

Clendenen Family,
Nonsense Rose
Rich, flavorful with citrus
and cherry “notes.”