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Thursday’s Doors ~ July in the ‘burbs


Other than running up the 

driveway and hiding behind a bush,

I was content to stand in front of

this house, aiming cellphone

at the semi – hidden door.

While trying to be 

nonchalant, not

create notice,

avoiding dog

or children

who may run to


alarming the

Neighborhood Watch!

Here’s one door which faces

the street while you enlarge the

longer distance photo, you may

imagine a door facing the

driveway, which also 

presented address #.

I hope you enjoyed 

last week’s cottage door,

while this exhibit is the 

“whole package,” with curb appeal!

For friends who love flowers and

gardens, please enjoy the last

post, but as always, no need 

to comment on both,

unless the spirit 

moves you! 
🌲 🌺 🌳

Here’s the coordinator

of our weekly doors,

Norm Frampton’s blog:

Happy Doors and Garden Hunting!

Thursday’s Doors ~ July in the ‘burbs


Approaching this house from the

north, walking on the sidewalk

I give an inaudible “sigh!” and

happy smile to the runner as

she passes! This will be one 

of my featured homes

from the suburbs of

Cleveland, Ohio.

Here’s someone

who often shows

an example of

doors which take

my breath away,

Norm Frampton:

Norm will have blue frog links

to other people’s door choices.

Have a lovely rest of your 

week.  I hope your

weekend  leads  you

along pretty garden paths.

🍀 💮 🌸 🏵 🌼 💮 🍀 

Book Review: “Second Chance Romance,” by Jill Weatherholt 🌸


On vacation, I had the pleasure of

reading a book titled, 

“Second Chance Romance,”

by fellow blogging friend,

Jill Weatherholt. 

An accident brings the female character

into the arms of emergency worker,

paramedic Jackson.

Melanie was on her way to Aunt 

Phoebe’s from the big city, 

to talk her into moving closer to her. 

Rebecca is Jackson’s daughter 

who pulls on her heartstrings.

There is sadness in her eyes, the story

slowly revealed. Only when her aunt

becomes incapacitated for awhile,

does her pace slow down, her focus

becomes aware of how small town

folks can unite and transcend

over obstacles. This endears

the locals to her own hurting

heart. There’s an unexpected 

“Bump in the road,” a twist in the plot.

The story has levels, faith and

layers, like an onion you will

peel off, unraveling two sad

situations, potentially making

one whole out of the broken pieces.

Jill Weatherholt is a dear friend,

who drew me in through her ability 

to describe setting and characters,

creating a reality from written words.

She’s also been a gracious hostess 

for summer season, featuring

fellow bloggers who are 

authors. This was one 

of my pile of books.

📔 📖  📚 📕 📗

It held my attention.

If I were rating this,

I would give it a 

Five stars of five!


Please check out Jill’s blog:

or look into the Love Inspired books:

You’re in for a treat or more! 

A traditional store’s closing: Sears, Roebuck and Co


My friend, Dan Antion, had mentioned

Sears recently on his blog, saying his

local Sears store is closing. His drive 

to “the mall Sears” is not favorite

idea of a shopping trip. He also

connects to his own 2014 post

which includes Sears again.

Here is Dan’s “manly” recent post:

Escape to Sears

🕶 🤔 🚲 💪 🚗 🙁 🕶

I agree, Sears stores closing

makes me saddened and sorry.

Nostalgia and memories flow,

~ established in 1886 ~

We are lucky to have a local

Sears Hardware Store,

(Delaware, Ohio)

where lawn mowers,

bathroom fixtures,

🛁 🚿 🚽

appliances and gardening 

tools are readily available.

I like checking out holiday

* 🌷🐇 🐤 *  🎅  *  🤖 👻 🎃 *  🦃  *

and seasonal decorations there.

No yard to buy bird feeders or 

bird baths, although I like to get

manly, leather work gloves

as well as shoes for son.

👞👞   👟👟

Recently, I traveled three times

down to Sears located at the

Polaris Mall and Towne Centre.

First, to Sears Optical to see

Dr. Rochelle Wagner,

who is truly a great


👀 👁 👁 👀

Next, back to

choose eyeglasses,

meeting daughter for her advice.

A great price for two pairs of

selected frames, all are given

400 Ultraviolet protection,

adding $20 for polarized

brown-colored tint for a

fantastic price total = $127.00!

👓  🕶  👓

The third trip down was taking

oldest daughter for special

filmy undergarments, 

frilly nighty and hose 

getting ready for 

her nuptials.

👙 🛍  👗

(They are already over.)


~ 7/7/17 ~


We’ll travel back again,

Lara aged 13 now

and meet up with her

Aunt Felicia, to buy

“Back to School” clothes with

Land’s End brand name,

various teen clothing 

and cosmetic lines.

👛 👜  👗  👠👠

Thursday’s Doors ~ July in the ‘burbs


For my friends who like to see

cozy homes and cottages,

I hope this one is appealing!

This is the close up view

of a white house with 

lavender shutters.

Please check out the variety

of other Thursday doors found

on Norm Frampton’s blog!

Thursday’s Doors ~ July in the ‘burbs


The white picket fence, 

pink flowers and the 

pretty lavender shutters

grabbed my attention!

What do you like in this 

door’s photograph?

Do you think whimsical,

charming or quaint

describes it?

Our host of many doors is the

Honorable Norm Frampton,

located on his blog post:

Please head over using this link

to check our more doors!

The rest of this month will 

feature here on my blog,

pictures of doors from

North Olmsted and Westlake,

suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio.